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Buyers Home Inspections

Having the right inspections during the home buying process is important. At JMark Inspections, our team of highly skilled and experienced inspectors will give you a detailed inspection of any home you are getting ready to purchase. Our inspections are timely, accurate and complete to give you a look at the inner workings of the home you are in the process of buying. Here is a little more information about what you can expect when you choose us to handle your buyer’s inspections.

Why Buyer’s Inspections are Important

When you are getting ready to purchase a home, it is likely one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. You want to know that you are making a wise choice by purchasing the property. With a detailed home inspection performed by JMark Inspections, you will know exactly what you are buying. You want to be able to walk into closing with full confidence in your decision to buy. Our detailed report will give you the information needed to make this informed decision.

What Does a Buyers Home Inspection Consist Of?

Anytime you choose JMark Inspections for your buyer’s inspection, we recommend being present throughout the inspection. This way, the inspector will be able to explain the overall condition of the home throughout the process. You will get a detailed report at the end of the inspection about the condition of the home, but you will have an even better understanding if you are able to be there while it is actually taking place. Not only will you be given a closer look at the condition of the interior of your home, but your inspector will walk you through the exterior and any concerns that may be present as well. Here are some of the things that you can count on getting a thorough report about when you choose JMark Inspections.
– Heating System
– Air Conditioning System
– Foundation Condition
– Condition of Roof
– Plumbing System
– Electrical System
– Any Recalls on Appliances
– Siding, Stone or Other Exterior Surfaces
– & More

Trusted, Certified Home Inspectors

At JMark Inspections, we take our job seriously. We are constantly working to further our education and keep up with ever changing building and safety codes. We have a team of highly qualified and trained inspectors that are using the latest technology available to provide you with a clear picture of the condition of your home. When you choose us for your buyer’s inspection, all your questions about the home can be answered during the inspection so that you walk away feeling armed with knowledge. It is helpful before the inspection to bring any questions with you so that we can address any concerns you may have during the inspection process.

Buyers & Sellers Home Inspections in Pasadena, Pearland, League City, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Conroe, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

Before you make a large investment, like purchasing a home, call on the experts at JMark Inspections to ensure you know what you are buying. We value our customers and will do everything in our power to give you a clear picture about a home you are purchasing. Call us today!

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