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Buyer & Seller Inspection Tips; What to Look for when Hiring a Home Inspector in Conroe, TX

When buying or selling a home you will want to have your residence inspected. Home inspections can help reveal the ins and outs of the home which can help aid in the selling or buying of a premises. However, not all inspectors will get the job done with the same detail as others. When buying or selling, you want a quality inspector to ensure you get the accurate report you need. JMark Inspections will share how to find a quality home inspector to ensure you get an accurate, detailed inspection of the home in question.

Reputation of Home Inspector

When looking for a home inspector service you will want one with a good reputation. You can look online at reviews and testimonies about the company. Other recommended sources are those who previously had experience with inspectors. Ask friends, co-workers, and family members if they have any experience with home inspectors or if they know any they would recommend. Personal experience is sometimes better than an online review on a website. The Better Business Bureau is also an organization that records past customer reports, both good and bad, and is a great resource for learning about a company service record.

Home Inspector Specialties

There are many aspects of a home inspection. Where there are the basic inspections, some home inspectors have specialty services such as carbon monoxide testing, mold testing and detection, and Radon testing. Not all home inspectors are certified to test certain aspects of the home. When seeking a home inspector for a certain reason such as mold, pests, or Radon, make sure they are able to perform those types of inspections.

Home Inspections Take Time

When you contact a home inspection service, you can determine the quality of the inspection based on how much time the inspection will take. On average, a home should take between 2 to 3 hours. If a company claims to get it done fast or under two hours, the quality will be compromised. Avoid home inspectors that promise a quick inspection. Additionally, a good inspector will request the presence of the client to share any concerns during their inspections. Some home inspection services won’t demand the client’s presence. However, if they discourage you from being present often that can also be a red flag about the quality of service.

Hire a Licensed Home Inspector

Like any specialty, a home inspector needs to be licensed and have proper certification. If you have doubts about a home inspection service, ask if they have all of their licensing to perform the job. If they say they are licensed but cannot provide proof, they may not be a fully licensed operating inspection company. Make sure that your home inspection service is properly certified and that they are licensed.

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Quality is essential when it comes to home inspection. You will want a detailed report that you understand so you can learn about the home you may be buying or selling. Flaws may be brought to the surface that can help reduce the cost of the home for the buyer. It can also help sellers repair the flaws and ensure the home’s value. For quality residential and commercial inspections, contact JMark Inspections and schedule our services today.

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