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Checklist for Commercial Property Inspection in Deer Park, TX; Roof, Insulation, Plumbing & More

Are you renting, leasing, buying or selling a commercial property? The building should always be inspected by a qualified property inspector before you sign the papers. Any signs of damage or potential problems will be found and addressed. Building inspections are required by most states and local building codes, zoning ordinances and regulations. The procedures may be different from one state to the next, but some elements will be the same regardless of where the commercial property is located.

Commercial Building Inspection Checklist

Commercial roof inspection. The roof protects the buildings occupants and everything inside it. It will be inspected to make sure there aren’t any current problems and anything that might become a potential problem because leaks can cause significant damage.
Commercial structure and grounds. The exterior of the building will be inspected. This includes surfaces, exterior equipment, stairs, landings, handrails and any areas that are paved. This is done to determine the condition they are in and to see if they comply with rules, codes and regulations. They will also make sure the address of the building and other identifications are clearly visible.
Commercial walls and insulation. The walls will be inspected for any cracks. Signs of mold and water damage will be looked for and any other issues that can pose a problem. Mold inspection may need to be requested.
Windows and doors of commercial building. The windows of the property will be looked at. The inspector will look for cracks and any other damage. They will also make sure that the entries to the building are accessible to emergency personnel.
Commercial electrical and mechanical. All the lights will be looked at, inside and out. They will be assessed to make sure they are secure and working properly. The inspector will also look at all other electrical components. This includes outlets, switches, circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters (GFCIs). GFCIs must be installed in areas that may be exposed to water.
Commercial plumbing. The plumbing system of the property will be examined. It will be checked for leaks and to make sure that the water pressure is correct. Inspectors will also look at all the fixtures to make sure they are working properly. The drain system will also be looked at.
Commercial fire protection. Elements that are part of fire protection will be inspected for safety reasons and to protect your investment. Fire alarms, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors and sprinklers all need to be in good working order and be tested.
Commercial HVAC system. The HVAC system needs to be looked at. The ductwork and vents will be inspected to make sure they are clean. The thermostats need to be working correctly and the air filters will also be looked at to make sure they are clean.

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Home buyers have a home inspected to ensure there aren’t going to be any expensive issues in the near future. The same goes for with commercial properties. Put your mind at ease and contact JMark Inspections to perform your commercial property inspection, or any other inspection you need done. Our experienced eye and knowledge will spot critical problems that may otherwise be overlooked. Give us a call today!

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