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Commercial Building Inspection Checklist in Channelview, TX; HVAC, Electrical, Fire Systems & More

When buying, selling, or leasing commercial property or space, it is often required to have a full scale inspection first. The inspection service’s main purpose is to ensure the building is safe and properly up to code. A commercial inspection is very similar to a home inspection, with a few additional considerations. JMark Inspections would like to cover the basic commercial inspection and what is looked for and why.

Commercial Property Inspection of Exterior Structure & Surroundings

When an inspector arrives to the site, they often start looking at the exterior surroundings of the building. Certain features must be present outside the building as well as inside. The outside of commercial buildings must have handicap access and other safety features such as handrails. All are inspected. Once they have completed the exterior features of the property, they will look at the exterior walls and roof. The structural integrity is inspected as well as other elements such as exterior ventilation vents and piping, exterior drainage, and more.

Inspection of Commercial Buildings Interior Walls & Ceiling Inc. Insulation

The walls inside the building are inspected, primarily for cracks and other damages. The inner walls are also inspected, mostly to determine the condition of the insulation. We also look for any signs of mold or water inside and outside the walls.

Commercial Building Inspection of Doors & Windows

Doors must properly function and meet all safety standards. Windows are inspected for cracks and weathering. Some windows do open and close. However, not all commercialized buildings use windows that open. Windows used in commercial buildings have a certain set of building codes. Windows in a commercial setting are usually based on the climate, energy efficiency, and potential natural disasters. The inspector will make sure all windows are properly up to code as well as their condition.

Inspecting Electrical & Plumbing of Commercial Premises

An inspector will go through the building’s electrical system and will test all of the outlets, light switches, circuit breakers or panel, the fault interrupters and other electrical features that may be unique to the building and its function. Along the with electrical system, the plumbing system is inspected. Often the primary focus is leakage, proper water pressure, plumbing fixtures and drainage systems.

Fire Sprinkler & Safety System Inspection

There are a number of fire protections and/or safety systems in a commercial building. There are alarm system that are tested, as well as sprinklers. Fire extinguishers must be present, in working order, and in the proper locations. Emergency exit signs must be lit and easily seen.

Inspection of HVAC System in Office Buildings & Other Commercial Properties

When inspecting the HVBAC system, the air duct system and vents are checked as to their condition and if they are clean. The inspector will check the thermostat and see if it is functioning correctly. The inspector will check the air filters and see if they are being maintained as it could show signs of neglect.

Residential & Commercial Inspections in Pasadena, Pearland, League City, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Conroe, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

This is a basic list for a commercial inspection. However, it is not limited as commercial sites vary on purpose and function. When other additional features are present, they often get the attention of the inspector as well. Commercial inspections are essential in determining the proper state or condition of the building and property. For quality residential and commercial inspections, contact JMark Inspections today.

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