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Do You Really Need a Home Inspection in Atascocita, TX? What Do Inspectors Look For During & More

Home inspections are an excellent tool to help home buyers identify issues with a house before committing to the purchase and signing on the dotted line. The home inspection results can be used as a contingency or condition of the contract to allow any repairs to be completed before the sale is final. In some cases, if the results of the home inspection reveal significant issues, you can defer from the contract without penalty. JMark Inspections outlines what a home inspection covers.

What Do Home Inspectors Look for During a Home Inspection?

Depending on the size of the structure, most home inspections last two to three hours. Once the assessment has been completed, you will be presented with a full report outlining the findings. The inspector will make notations in his account to list if the issues found are related to safety issues, significant defects, or minor defects, along with any items that need to be repaired, serviced, or replaced.

Exterior Home Inspection

Your JMark Inspections home inspector will thoroughly inspect the outside of the building, including the roof and crawl space, if you have one. Notations will be made regarding any missing or damaged siding and cracks in the exterior. Your inspector will also prioritize the list to let you know if he finds any serious problems or if they are cosmetic. In most cases, the home’s foundation is not visible, but your inspector will examine any tell-tale signs of damage by looking for settling or cracks. Other areas of consideration include the grading of the property. Your JMark home inspector will let you know if the grading slopes away from the property correctly so that water doesn’t get into the structure and cause damage. If the home has a garage attached, your inspector will test the garage door to ensure it opens and closes correctly, examine the framing, and ensure that the entire area is adequately ventilated. The roof will be inspected for damaged, loose, or missing shingles and signs of flood damage, and the condition of the gutters will also be reviewed to ensure they are free of obstructions or damage and in proper working order.

What is Checked During an Interior Home Inspection?

Your JMark Inspections home inspector will also complete a top to bottom inspection on the home’s interior, including the plumbing, electrical system, and HVAC system, to name a few. Your inspector will thoroughly inspect the showers and faucets and look for any signs of leaks and water damage. If the pipes are visible, your inspector will identify them and recommend a second inspection by a licensed plumber if the lines are old and require replacement. This exact process will be used to determine the type and age of your electrical wiring. Your outlets will be tested, and your inspector will make sure that the ground fault circuit interrupters and in good working order. Your electrical panel will also be thoroughly inspected to ensure it does not present a fire hazard. The HVAC unit will also be checked to determine the age and make sure it operates at optimal performance. Repairs or maintenance will be recommended on an as-needed basis. Other areas of consideration include the water heater to determine age and correct installation, the kitchen appliances to make sure they are in good working order, the laundry room to ensure it is perfectly ventilated, and the bathrooms for signs of leaks, proper ventilation, adequately secured toilets, and signs of mildew.

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