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Home Inspection Found Water, Mold, Rotted Roof Rafters or Other Problems in Crawl Space or Attic in Conroe, TX

There are many fundamentals people consider about the house itself when they search for a new home to invest their money and life. Buyers want to ensure the structure itself is durable and there are no flaws or serious concerns, the HVAC system is up to par, the electrical and plumbing systems are efficient, and doors and windows are working. Included in the priorities, few consider the crawl space and attic space. To ensure there are no issues during our comprehensive home inspection, the professionals of JMark Inspections ensure the crawlspace and attic is not overlooked. Considering this, we would like to discuss the potential concerns in the crawlspace and attic that is often overlooked and that we look for during our in-depth inspect service.

Rotted Roof Rafters or Trusses

Any defects that might be within the attic’s structure may not be discovered in a roof inspection on its own. It does not reflect the condition of the attic’s structure though the roof may appear strong and secure. With the inspection you can find this underlying problem. The attic’s structure may be faced with broken or faulty rafters, and trusses.

Past Smoke, Soot and/or Fire Damage

Obvious indications the house has a past fire/smoke event such as discoloration of the natural wood from the rafters are often noticed during a home inspection. Should the wood be scorched or black a major fire likely occurred.

Enough Attic Insulation

When the home is not sufficiently insulated it is a common occurrence the home inspector discovers. The increasing higher cooling and heating costs is the primary problem that comes from poor insulation. Whether you purchase the home or not, this can potentially be one of contributing factors. The insulation may be efficient, making it an ideal quality on the other hand.

Water Damage & Mold Growth

Having the water damage in the attic or crawlspace is a rather expensive problem to fix. Being that water flows from the top down, inspectors typically look for water staining along the wood supports and the walls. This is likely an indication the roof has a leak or has had leaks.

Access to Attic from Chimney

Being still common enough to mention, though many Texas homes do not utilize a chimney for the most part. The inspector inspects the solidity of the structure through gaining access in the attic is common and the interior of the chimney in full can be difficult to inspect. During the inspection process to see how durable the chimney is, cracks in the bricks, crumbling mortar, and other signs of decay are looked for.

Pest Damage in Attic or Crawl Space

Leaving behind waste and other signs of damage, there are a number of rodents and wildlife that can be infesting the crawlspace and attic. Left behind are loosened boards, accelerated decay, and even health risks.

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You want JMark Inspections to also ensure inspections when you want a thorough home inspection that includes the crawlspace and attic space.

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