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Home Inspections for Buyers, Sellers, House Owners in Willis, TX; Pre Listing Real Estate, Maintenance Inspection & More

When do you need a home inspection? Many people wonder if or when they should have their home inspected or is a home inspection only set aside for certain occasions? Home inspections provide a detailed report for commercial and residential properties. There are a number of scenarios where the services of an inspector is needed and requested. JMark Inspections will share some of the most common occasions that require home inspection and how they are beneficial.

Home Inspection when Buying a House

One of the most common occasions for a home inspection is when buying a home. For a buyer, a home is one of the biggest investments they will ever make. Buying a home is a major commitment to the bank and to the home. A buyer will always seek a home inspection service to see the home’s true colors. A home inspector will complete a thorough inspection of the home and provide a report to the buyer so they can see if the home is worth the investment. If flaws are discovered in the home, the buyer can either walk away from the home, or make an offer on the home. If a major flaw is discovered, the buyer can often negotiate the price of the home and seek a lower sale price as they will be responsible for the repairs to the home. Buyers should always have the home they are considering buying inspected. This will include all newly built homes as well as really old homes.

Sellers Pre-Listing Home Inspection

It is natural for a seller of the home to get as much value out of their home as possible. Often a seller will look up their home on Zillow to see current property value, and then put their home up for sell based on current value price. However, without a home inspection, your home may be worth less than the current market value and even possibly more. A home inspector can help remove surprises during a sale. A buyer will, in most cases, seek a home inspection. If there is a negative feature present in the home, it can lower the value of the home and discourage buyers. By having the home inspected first, you, as the seller, can discover your home’s true value and know its flaws. You’ll discover what repairs you need to make to get the full value of your home.

Renovation & Maintenance Home Inspection

When a home is beginning to age it is expected that the home will require some repair. However, many homeowners don’t always know what repairs are needed for their home. This is where maintenance home inspections come in handy. Maintenance home inspections help the homeowner know the current condition of their home and target the needed repairs first. Home maintenance inspections are also greatly used during renovations. When renovating a home, often it is to make the desired change or repair obvious problems. However, besides pointing out the obvious, a home inspector will also ensure there are no hidden problems that need attention. Home inspectors often also inspect a home after renovations to ensure the work is up to code and note the quality of the renovations.

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If you find you fit one of the common occasions and need a quality home or commercial inspection service, contact JMark Inspections today.

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