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Home Re-Selling Tips in Magnolia, TX; Preventive Maintenance Services Including Inspections

There are many families that knowingly buy a home knowing it is for a temporary living situation, where in under 10 years they fully intend on moving to a new home, whether they want to get a bigger house, moving out of state, or other circumstances. When they move into the somewhat temporary home, they want to ensure the resale value sticks while making it a healthy and comfortable living environment. There are many things home inspections covers, from inspecting a home before you buy, before you sell and more. We offer inspection services for you to prioritize home improvement projects, ensure remodeling services are perfect, and so much more. Today, however, we at JMark Inspections would like to offer reselling tips for homeowners who know they will be selling in a short time frame.

Preventing Excessive Moisture Problems in House

Keeping the home dry is vital. More often than not, water causes the majority of damage in homes. Ensuring the windows and doors are caulked and have weather stripping in tact is ideal. Checking the roof periodically for signs of leaks can prevent unnecessary damage. Cleaning out the gutters and downspouts can help prevent water damage as well.

Invest in Preventive Home Maintenance Services

There are quite a few elements to your home that are better maintained with a professional. For example, the HVAC system is high on the list. Having the heating and cooling system properly maintained can be a real good investment and it will benefit you while living there as well. Schedule deep cleaning from professionals for flooring options to keep them in good health and looking amazing. Garage doors are another ideal element to keep maintained by a trusted and certified expert. All in all, the better the individual elements in your home, the less you have to replace when it comes time to resell the home. Keep on top of your own maintenance. Such as replacing the air filters in your HVAC system, and taking care of the other such maintenance is essential.

Keeping a Clean House is Important

As mentioned, you want to ensure your floors and surfaces are cleaned. In conjunction with your own efforts, the carpets, wood floors, tile and grout surfaces, and other flooring options should be routinely cleaned by a professional. At the minimum, schedule professional cleaning based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are unsure, most surfaces need a deep cleaning once a year and from there you can consult with the professional on how often these surfaces get a deep clean. Not only will the professionals cleaning keep it looking gorgeous, but it can also be a preventative to damage as well.

Schedule a Preventive Annual Maintenance Home Inspection

With a professional inspection, it can help you maintain the home better. Following the inspection, you can have a good idea if there are crucial aspects of the home that need improvement.

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