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How Fast Can You Close on a Richmond, TX House? Home Inspection & Quick Close Mortgage Tips

When you have found the right house in your hunt for the perfect place to call home, many people want to move the process along as fast as they can. This can be tricky if you aren’t prepared for the home buying process. The more you can prepare now, the faster you will find that closing on your home will be. JMark Inspections is here to share some tips that will help the close of your home to happen much faster.

Quick Close Mortgage Tips

If you are organized and prepared to purchase a home, you can easily shave two weeks off the closing process. Following are some of the most helpful tips we have to offer you as you begin this process.
Gather Documents Needed to Buy a House: If you wait until the day you find your home to start gathering documents, the closing process can be much longer than someone that has taken the time to gather what they need. This includes documents like W-2s, paystubs and bank statements.
Find the Right Mortgage Lenders: Don’t just get the first lender that you talk to, to help you close on your home. there can be a big difference in rates between lenders. If you work with a loan officer, they can often help you find the best lender for your qualifications. You will want a lender that asks for your income and asset documentation upfront though. That way, if you have something that keeps you from qualifying for certain loans, you know upfront.
Schedule Home Inspection: As soon as the sellers accept the offer you gave for their home, you should be scheduling the home inspection. This is a key player in the financing of any home.
Don’t Make Financial Changes: If you are planning to make any changes that would include a new job, buying a new car or any other big purchases, you are better off holding off on them until your home is closed. This can have a big impact on the deal and you don’t want anything to draw out the process.
Have Funds Ready when Buying a Home: You will need to have a down payment and closing costs ready to go when you want a fast closing.

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While patience is the last thing many people want to hear when it comes to closing a mortgage, it is something that is important. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, closing on a mortgage can take more time than you had planned for. When you are buying a new home, you want the home inspection to be thorough and detailed. At JMark Inspections, we will inspect your new home and provide you with a detailed report of any findings we may discover while we are there. Our talented inspectors have the training and skills to ensure your home is ready to buy. Call us today to set up your consultation.

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