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How to Germ Proof Your House & Keep it Virus Free in Atascocita, TX; Home Disinfecting Tips & More

Everywhere we turn, there is talk of the coronavirus and it’s clear that this is changing the world that we are living in as we know it. A problem that comes with any sickness, is the fact that you are more likely to catch something in your own house than anywhere else if you aren’t cleaning it as you should. While you may not be catching the coronavirus, there are plenty of other viruses and bacteria that are free for the catching when you don’t disinfect. As home inspectors, we see areas in many homes that the normal person wouldn’t see. We have seen far more than simple disorganization, in fact, some homes we walk into need to be simply deep cleaned. JMark Inspections is here to share some tips to help you disinfect your home and keep it germ free.

Home Disinfecting Tips

From room to room, there are different disinfecting tactics that can be used to achieve a germ free home. Following are our tips depending on the area of the home you are focusing on.
Kitchen: It is important that you aren’t using rags and sponges that are completely bacteria and germ ridden. You need to disinfect your sponges and brushes before you can get to work elsewhere. The best way to accomplish this is to run them through the dishwasher. Then you can get to work on the countertops, cutting boards and floors using your favorite disinfectant.
Bathrooms: This may be the most germ ridden area in your home. Many people will clean their bathrooms, but fail to remember that the bath mats need to be cleaned just as much as the toilet to keep the germs down. To help keep down the bacteria in this room, remember to close the lid when you are flushing the toilet as this will keep those bacteria contained. Also, keep a cover on your toothbrush and rinse it using the hottest water possible after use to kill any bacteria.
Bedrooms: The bedding on your bed needs to be cleaned every week to keep dust mites and other microbes from overpopulating the space. If you have any damp clothing, it needs to be removed from the hamper and washed no more than 24 hours after being placed in the hamper to avoid unwelcome smells.
Living Areas: These areas are full of devices, remotes, light switches, doorknobs and toys that need to be disinfected on a regular basis. If you have carpet in these areas, you need to be vacuuming them regularly with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter to trap all the allergens that are sure to be removed from the fibers.

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