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Inspection Nightmares; Dead Animals & Other Crazy Things Home Inspectors Find in Pasadena, TX

When an inspector is performing a home inspection, they will be putting the house under a magnifying glass. They are expected to check places that probably haven’t been even glanced at for years. This can bring up some crazy, creeping things that are lurking in these corners. Home inspectors come across all sorts of items when they are performing home inspections. JMark Inspections is here to talk about some of the crazy things that are found on a fairly regular basis.

Animals: Dead & Alive Discovered in House

Have you ever seen a dead animal that has been there for a long time? It looks like something from a horror show. Dead and rotting animals are about some of the nastiest things that we find when we are inspecting homes. They crawl into crawl spaces, attics and basements where they are often untouched for who knows how long. Some of the most common animals found in a home inspections are raccoons, squirrels and cats. Sometimes there are peculiar animals found like fish that have been dropped on roofs by passing birds, mice that have been incinerated by a furnace and even frogs that have gotten trapped in hot water heaters and drowned. Another hazard that is frequently found during an inspection is wasp activity. Large wasp nests are often swinging from the rafters in attics.

Poor Plumbing Choices Found During a Home Inspection

Sometimes you can tell that homeowners haven’t put the money into a repair that they should have. There have been pipes that have been duct taped back together rather than having the proper repairs done by a certified plumber. There have been times that homeowners have tried to use clamps, caulking and even vice grips to solve their plumbing problems which is not a safe solution for any home.

Electrical Issues During Home Inspection

Some of the most dangerous problems we run into during home inspections lie in the electrical system. If there are any wire connections that are left hanging out of the boxes and wires that are simply taped together, it poses a huge electrical risk to the home. There have even been inspections that have found Christmas lights strung over the top of a swimming pool. If they were to fall down into the pool, it would be a huge electrocution risk to anyone that happened to be swimming at the time.

Half Finished Home Improvement Projects

Sometimes projects are started with the best of intentions. Often, when the project gets underway, the magnitude of the project can be overwhelming. We frequently find projects that are only halfway finished or even completed using makeshift methods. There have been decks that are built using only one post to hold the entire weight of the deck. Some extreme cases include a foundation to an addition that was built on a boat trailer!

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Hopefully during your home inspection there isn’t anything crazy that comes up. JMark Inspections has the training and experience to provide you with a complete and detailed home inspection. Call us today!

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