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Most Common Electrical & Other Problems Found During a Home Inspection in Humble, TX

Home inspections can be done at any time but they are frequently completed before buying or selling a home. These services can be an excellent tool to find and prioritize home improvement projects as well as following a home remodel too. Today, we at JMark Inspections would like to list the common issues found during a home inspection.

Electric System Problems

Reverse Polarity of Electrical Outlet – Electrical outlets, light switches and interior fuse or breaker boxes are all generally tested during a home inspection. An outlet reversed polarity is a common issue, which is when hot and neutral wires are misplaced and running to the wrong terminals. As a common problem, this can be a simple fix. Another error, that is not especially common, but worth the mention as a safety hazard is two electrical feeds or circuits attached to a single breaker.
Frayed or Deteriorated Electric Service Cable: The electric entrance cable or service entry cable can become frayed and damaged, due to over exposure to the sun and long periods of weather conditions. The house’s utility power connection point is run through the cable to the meter socket, passing to the circuit breaker. Damage leads to electrical issues and safety concerns, the cable itself is an inadequate size for the breaker box.

Home Exterior Issues

Fascia related issues are often revealed during an inspection. Typically, the fascia boards are missing or rotting, reducing ventilation.

Ineffective Bathroom Fan Ventilation

Often the bathroom vents have an exhaust fan ventilation system that is designed to be circulate to the outside of the house, frequently through the crawl space or attic. When these ventilation fans fail, moisture can set it, which leads to mold issues.

Plumbing Issues

Leaking sinks, toilets, and pipes are quire common. Other culprits include broken seals wrong materials, and poor fittings. Additionally, a lot of older plumbing systems suffer from rust corrosion.

Lack of HVAC Maintenance

Home inspectors will frequently remove the cover of the boiler and furnace during the inspection. These systems are to be properly maintained and repaired by a professional. Too often the inspector discovers little to no maintenance has been done, and the heating system is in need of repairs. In some cases, these units are so deteriorated, they require replacing.

Stuck or Malfunctioning Windows

All the windows are checked, and surprisingly, there are commonly found windows that are stuck or do not open or close correctly. Whether it is due to age, poor installation, sloppy painting, or other sources, the malfunctioning windows is a common problem.

Fireplace & Chimney Problems

The resulting wear caused by water intrusion causes the chimney flashing to be poor. Missing mortar and chimney cap, as well as cracked tile around the chimney flu are a few of the more common issues found.

Erosion of Grading & Drainage

Causing a long list of problems for your basement, exposure to water and moisture is frequently an issue. The erosion on the exterior grading, generally from rain that isn’t diverted properly away from the home’s structure is the common problem.

Water Heater Problems

In the last decade, codes have changed concerning the water heaters and there are very few who have made the necessary upgrades.

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