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What Do Commercial Property Inspectors Look for During a Building Inspection in Rosenberg, TX?

Most people who have purchased their home know exactly what to expect from a home inspection. You more than likely walked around with the inspector as they showed you the ins and outs of the property you were looking at purchasing. When it comes to a commercial property inspection, it is much different. The requirements are much more extensive than that of a residential inspection. If you are getting ready to have your commercial property inspected, you may be wondering what it is going to entail. JMark Inspections is here to talk about what is involved when it comes to a commercial property inspection.

What a Commercial Property Inspection Consists Of

The entire purpose of a commercial property inspection is to make sure the major systems inside the building are all working and functioning properly. This is done with a thorough examination of them. When someone is getting ready to buy a commercial property, it tends to be much more complex than when someone is trying to purchase a residential property. If something goes wrong on a commercial property, the stakes are usually higher than residential buildings because of the cost that is involved in repairing these problems. Commercial property inspections can be incredibly valuable as they are going to give the buyer a good idea of how well the property is holding up and what potential problems could be down the road.

What to Expect During a Walkthrough Survey

All commercial inspections will begin with a walkthrough of the property to visually examine all the major systems on the property. It isn’t uncommon for specialty consultants to be brought in when they are needed for this inspection. Some of the critical systems that will be inspected during this process includes:
– Cooling systems
– Plumbing systems
– Heating & ventilation systems
– Electrical & mechanical systems
– Exterior elements & fixtures
– Life safety components
– Parking areas & accessibility requirements
– Roof & drainage systems
– Foundation, basements & crawlspaces
– Kitchens
– Doors, Windows & interior
– & More

Document & Procurement Review

Unlike a residential inspection, there are also documents and records about the commercial property that will need to be reviewed on top of the visual inspection. This may include repair invoices, leases, certificates of occupancy and maintenance records. They will also talk to any people who have extensive knowledge about the building and its condition or maintenance.

Commercial Building Inspection Report

Once all of this information has been gathered, you can expect to get a full report of any findings and the results of the inspection. All of the information that was reviewed during the inspection process will be handed over after the evaluation has been completed.

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