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What is the Difference Between Home Inspector & Appraiser Duties & Requirements in Pearland, TX?

When you plan to sell or even buy a home, many people will rely on an appraisal to determine the home’s worth. A home inspection is used to determine the home’s condition which also can impact the value of the home. When a home is appraised it is very different from an inspection. Many buyers or sellers often get home inspection confused with appraisals. To help clear up the confusion, < a href="http://www.jmarkinspections.com/about-us/">JMark Inspections will go in more detail and how they are different.

What Happens During an Appraisal?

When selling a home a real estate agent will want an appraisal of the home. Often referred to as a “walk through” the appraiser will do a basic visual inspection of the home. The intentions of an appraiser is to determine the value of the home. They will notice the more obvious flaws or damages in the home. Any flaws or damages will reduce the value of the home. However, an appraiser will also note the home’s value such as natural stone countertops, trim work and more. The appraiser will make sure the seller of the home is marketing the home for the proper property value of the current market. The appraisal report is often connected to the home’s information. It is important to note that an appraisal doesn’t cover the home in depth. There can be hidden damages and other problems within the home such as they are not up to code. When you want to sell a home often the seller will have the home appraised. However, if a buyer feels like the home is listed way too high they can request their own appraisal.

Is a Home Inspection Really Worth It?

The purpose of a home inspection is to bring the detail of the home’s condition to light. A homeowner can seek their own home inspection to maintain or prepare to sell their home. Home inspections are also essential for a buyer. A home inspector will come to the home and inspect the home from the foundation up. Home inspectors will also check other property features such as the pool, spa, and the irrigation system. A home inspector will not just glance over the surface of the home. A home inspector will look deeper. They will inspect many different aspects of the home. Some of the things a home inspector will look over is the home’s electrical, plumbing, and its structure. When they do a home inspection they are also making sure the home is up to current codes and building regulations. The home inspector will provide the report to the homeowner, the buyers, or real estate agency. One of the benefits of a home inspector is their thoroughness and honesty. A home inspector will provide an accurate report as to the home’s condition.

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Do not depend on an appraisal report to know the condition and value of a home. To truly know the condition of a home you will need a home inspection. When you need a quality home inspection and not just an appraisal, Call JMark Inspections and schedule our home inspection services today!

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