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Asking Seller for Repairs After Home Inspection in Deer Park, TX; Good Negotiation, Requesting Repair & More

Hiring a home inspector is a common practice when a buyer is interested in a home. Most often the inspector is thorough and presents a detailed report that might disclose some serious problems with the property. From plumbing systems to electrical wiring, roof troubles, however, when you go to the seller, they may refuse to make the repairs. Wondering if the seller is responsible to make these repairs is a common occurrence. With this in mind, we at JMark Inspections would like to further discuss the subject. Ultimately, the purpose of a home inspection is a common misunderstanding. As a mandatory repair list for the seller is how people often view an inspection report. Sellers are not required to produce a flawless house. By law or by contract, there is no such obligation.

Who Pays for Termite Damage Repairs?

Requirements are different with a termite report. To repair conditions classified as ‘section one’ in the termite inspector, real estate contracts usually obligate a seller. Termites, fungus, dry rot, and other instances of active infestation are included in section one. Unless infestation is found, other faulty conditions, like earth to wood contact, usually do not require action on the part of the seller.

Negotiation After Home Inspection

Between the parties of a sale, most repairs are subject to negotiation with a home inspection. Before the close of escrow, sellers will usually acquiesce to some of these demands. Generally, buyers will request that various conditions be repaired. To foster good will or to facilitate consummation of the sale, sellers make repairs as a matter of choice, not obligation but with most building defects. Even at the risk of losing the sale, there are, of course, those few rigid sellers who will flatly refuse to fix anything. As opposed to being a rule fortunately, this response is the exception. Except where requirements are set forth by state law, local ordinance, or the real estate purchase contract, sellers maintain the legal right to refuse repair demands. In specified locations, legal obligations include earthquake straps for water heaters and smoke detectors. What must be working condition at the close of escrow, that windows are not broken, and that there be no existing leaks in the roof or plumbing is usually stipulated in the contracts.

Requesting Repairs After Home Inspection

Try to assess the inspection report with an eye toward problems of greatest significance before you make any demands of the seller. Look for conditions that can compromise health and safety or involve active leakage. Items like the fireplace, gas burning fixtures, roof, or electrical wiring among other sensitive problems are addressed by most sellers. A lesser degree of concern on routine maintenance items is warranted and should not be pressed upon the seller. It is unreasonable to boldly insist upon correction of all defects should the house not be brand new. These demands can alienate the seller and kill the sale. You may persuade a seller to correct conditions of greater substance with a willingness to accept minor issues.

Buyers, Sellers Pre-Inspections & Maintenance Home Inspections in Pasadena, Pearland, League City, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Conroe, Friendswood & Greater Houston, Texas

Ultimately, the purpose of a home inspection is not to ambush the seller with a repair list. The main goal is to let buyers know what they are getting into. It is not possible to acquire one that is perfect since all homes have defects. Before you close escrow, you need to know about the significant defects. For your home inspection needs in the Greater Houston, TX area, call JMark Inspection services.

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