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What is a Home Inspection & What Does a Home Inspector Do when You are Buying a House in Huntsville, TX?

When you are ready to put in an offer on a home, the final step before you can buy the home is scheduling a home inspection. When buying a home, a home inspection is an essential part. For those buying a home for the first time and want to understand the how’s and why’s of a home inspection, JMark Inspections will explain the importance of a quality home inspection.

Why is a Home Inspection Important when Buying a House?

What is a Home Inspection?: An inspection is an objective, visual examination of a home’s physical structure, as well as the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system. The home is examined from the roof down to the foundation.
Who Needs to Hire a Home Inspector: When buying a home, the buyer is responsible for finding and hiring their own home inspector. When hiring a home inspector you will want a licensed and reputable inspector to conduct the inspection. Some realtors will have some suggestions as they often work with inspectors. Some Realty agencies will have their own inspector. However it is recommended that you seek out your own inspector to ensure an honest inspection report.
How to Find and Hire a Home Inspector: When seeking out a home inspector you will first want to ensure they are licensed. Never assume someone claiming to be a home inspector is actually licensed. Do not be shy in asking for their licensing and certifications. Next, seek out referrals from co-workers, friends, family or the realtor. When contacting a home inspector, ask to see a sample inspection report to see how and what they routinely cover. When you find a home inspector you feel is right, next schedule the home inspection.
Who is Required to Attend the Home Inspection: When a home inspection is be conducted it is the realtor’s job to be present. The buyer can be present as well but it is not required of the buyer. The realtor is there to provide access to the home and for them to remain present until the inspection is complete. The inspector will often share some immediate concerns or share their findings with the realtor. The realtor can contact the buyer and relay the message. However, the buyer will receive a much more detailed report of the inspection which then the buyer can use to make their final offer on the home.
What Does a Home Inspector Examine: A home inspector’s primary orders if you will, is to examine and evaluate the condition of the home. A home inspector will inspect all aspects of the:
• Roof, Attic, and Crawlspaces
• Basement, Bedrooms, Halls
• Kitchen and Bathrooms
• Electrical and Plumbing System
• HVAC System and Ductwork
• The Structural Integrity of the Home and Foundation
The Home inspector doesn’t check the pool, spa, or irrigation system unless they have the additional licensing to do so. If there are additional features to the property you want inspected make sure your inspector is licensed to perform inspections for those features on the property.

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A home inspection will help a buyer truly know the quality and condition of the home. To avoid buying a major fixer upper at full price, make sure to seek out a quality home inspector. For home and commercial inspection services, contact JMark Inspections today.

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