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Why Should You have a Home Inspection on New Construction Builds in New Waverly, TX Before Moving in

Building a brand-new house can be an exciting endeavor. Being able to pick out every finish you would like to have in your new home from the ground up, creates the home of your dreams. It may sound confusing to think about getting an inspection once construction is complete. However, there are several reasons you will want to consider getting your newly constructed home inspected upon completion. JMark Inspections is here to talk about some of the reasons you should consider an inspection on your new build.

New Builds Can have a Lot of Problems

Throughout the construction process, there are several different contractors that will be working to finish the house. It is a carefully orchestrated process that has many different facets. Keeping track of every little thing can be more than any one person can handle. Things are bound to fall through the cracks. During an inspection, these problems can be uncovered and fixed before you move into the house.

A Municipal Building Inspection Isn’t the Same as a Home Inspection

A building inspector with the city isn’t going to be looking for flaws in the home. Their sole purpose is to make sure there isn’t anything that goes against any building codes. You need to remember that building codes are the absolute minimal building standards. A private home inspection will look at the home much closer.

House Defects Can Be Fixed Before Moving In

You want any repairs that need to be made done before you move into the house. There is a large amount of dust and mess that comes with home repairs. You also want to make sure these repairs are done before they get bigger and end up costing you a significant amount of money to repair later. Some repairs like inadequate attic insulation can end up costing you a lot in energy bills. If there are problems like a gas leak, it can be dangerous for your family. You want all of this checked out before you purchase and move in.

You Want a Home Inspection in Case of Resale

If you do decide to sell the home a few years after you move in, you will want to know that there aren’t any glaring problems that could be uncovered. Those new buyers are most certainly going to have a home inspection performed on the home. You don’t want problems that originated from the initial build of the home to pop up unexpectedly. You will find that the investment of a new build inspection will pay off ten times over in the long run.

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If you have had a new home built, don’t underestimate the power of a home inspection before you move into the space. When you call on the pros at JMark Inspections to come and take a look, we will make sure your home is more than ready for you and your family to move into it. Call us today!

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