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Attic & Crawl Space Inspections in Texas City, TX; Look for Fire Damaged Trusses, Signs of Mold & More

It is common for people to maintain what they can see and often forget about the areas they cannot see, such as the attic or crawlspaces. When selling or buying a home you can usually trust your eyes to make sure the home is in great condition. However, what about the areas you don’t see? It is often recommended to have the home inspected either as the seller or as the buyer, to make sure that the unseen areas are in good condition. JMark Inspections will share what they look for when inspecting the attic and other crawl spaces that are prone to neglect.

Damage to Attic Roof Rafters & Trusses

The trusses and rafters are inspected for any defects, damages and potential problems as they are the roof’s main structure and support. They will look for warping, termite activity or other pest related damages, as well as mold or wood rot.

Fire Damaged Trusses & Charred Rafters

When the attic is inspected, the inspector does keep an eye out for any signs of previous fires. They will look for black scorch stains along the top of the attic and along the trusses and rafters. In most cases, a former fire is recorded, and the repair documented. However, as a buyer you will always want to be cautious.

Attic Insulation Mistakes

Attic insulation is responsible for maintaining the interior temperature of the home. Attic insulation can last for years. However, it does require a need to be replaced over time or if it got damaged due to a roof leak or develop mold. The inspector will determine the insulation condition and make sure it is still adequate.

Attic Water Damage

The attic is prone to water damage due to roofing leaks or leaks from the HVAC system. Most plumbing isn’t routed into the attic space, so water sources are limited. However, roof leaks can occur and cause a number of problems in the attic. The attic is hot and combined with moisture, it can lead to mold and decay of the wood.

Rodent, Wild Animal & Pest Activity in Attic

An inspector will always look for signs of pest activity from local wildlife, rodents, termites, and carpenter ants. They will check for loose or damage boards as well as possible entry points. There are many pests entering inside a home especially during the cold winter seasons. They can cause a number of damages and often enter the home through the attic first.

Mice & Insect Pest Evidence in Crawl Space

Again, pest activity is looked for in the attic space such as termites, rodents and other local pests that cause structural damage or potential health concerns.

Mold in Crawl Space

Where there is plumbing often running through crawlspaces, leaky pipes are often a problem leading to mold. This can be a major health concern and weaken the home’s integrity. Part of mold inspection often also includes plumbing inspection and vapor barrier quality.

Crawl Space Electrical Problems

In crawl spaces you usually can get a good look at the electrical systems. The electrical wiring and connections are inspected to ensure they are up to code.

Support Framing & Insulation Problems in Crawl Space

The support framing of the home is often accompanied with insulation. Both are evaluated during the inspection of the crawlspace, again the inspector will look for damages, pest activity, mold and weakness.

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There is much more that inspectors look for when inspecting a home and its attic and crawlspaces. To ensure the condition of your home, or a home you may be interested in buying, contact JMark Inspections and schedule our services today.

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