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What to Know when Buying a House for the First Time in Rosenberg, TX; Who Pays for Home Inspection & More

Buyers looking for a home have a number of responsibilities. One of the steps to buying a home is having a home inspection done on the prospective house. There are a few things that buyers should know when moving forward with a home inspection and we at JMark Inspections would like to share a few of the basics.

Who Pays for Home Inspection; Buyer or Seller?

There is a common misconception among first-time buyers that home inspections come together with the purchase package, however, that is incorrect. The buyer is responsible for hiring the inspector independently and that includes the costs and inspection timeline. Planning as early as possible is advisable as the home inspection process can be a little overwhelming. It’s a great idea for a seller to arrange a home inspection before putting the house on the market. This gives the seller the opportunity to fix any problems resulting in selling the house quicker and for more money.

What is Covered in a Home Inspection?

The inspector generally evaluates the structural components of the building. The property’s design, size, location, and specifications differ according to size and other factors. Typically, the inspector will check on the following:
– The structural elements including floors, walls, ceilings, and so on, overall condition.
– The windows, doors, and vents current state.
– The basement and the foundation’s condition.
– Interior plumbing lines are checked.
– Insulation features.
– The HVAC systems function and health.
Keep in mind that the home inspector may not access the roof, detached buildings, or septic tank, despite them providing detailed coverage. Find out what is not covered and if necessary, hire an expert for the specifics or ask the realtor to inspect the area yourself.

Should Buyer Be Present at Home Inspection?

Being present during the inspection gives you the opportunity to not only gain firsthand experience, but also the time to ask questions as they come up. Your home inspector can guide you through the process and advice on maintenance tips for particular features as well as direct you to other important care. Any issues found are not up to the inspector to be responsible for, and you need to allot enough time from the inspection and to discuss any concerns with the realtor. The home inspector does not offer any repairs, nor are they responsible for them. Any defects and repairs need to be taken to the current homeowner for negotiations.

Request a Copy of the Home Inspection Report

When you have to point out issues with the property, the inspection report can act as a point of reference. Additionally, the report can serve as a draft that shows the condition of the house prior to purchase. A copy of the report can be provided to you by your real estate agent. Be sure to keep the inspection report with the other property documents for easy filing and retrieval purposes. Before any final decisions, be sure to consult your documentation, particularly the home inspection report. Do not hesitate to ask questions in the event you fail to understand something written in the report.

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These are just a few of the essentials everyone should know before the home inspection process. Buying a home comes with many factors, a lot of paperwork, decisions to made, and steps to take, all of which can make buying the house a challenge. With the help of JMark Inspections, we can help you through the home inspection process and help you simplify the process as much as possible. Call us today to schedule your home inspection service!

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