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Home Inspection After New Construction, Remodeling & Renovations in Missouri City, TX;

When you have your home renovated, both small and large projects should be inspected upon completion. Having the home inspected after renovation or remodeling is part of smart home ownership. To truly know the value of the work and safety of the household, post remodeling or renovation inspections can help guarantee the quality of work and reveal any flaws. In some cases, a home inspection may be required for certificate of occupancy. JMark Inspections will share why home inspections are important after renovations.

What Do Home Inspectors Look for After Renovations?

Major home renovations often include re-routing electrical wiring and plumbing. The adding or removal of walls, as well as the adding or removal of the home’s foundation is sometimes a factor. Major renovations will require permits and having a home inspector pass the various stages of the renovation. Each stage must be inspected and passed before the next stage can begin. Electrical work is done within the walls before drywall can be added. Therefore, the electrical inspections must be completed first. The same goes for plumbing and any other internal work. Electrical wiring and plumbing work must follow codes in order to be passed, which is essential for the safety of the home. Other aspects of the renovation is also inspected for structural codes.

Pass or Fail Inspection for Home Renovation Stages

A home inspector can assess if the remodeling work was done up to code. If you plan on having the stages of your renovation checked by a home inspector, then your contract with your contractor should include details regarding a pass/fail report. When each stage of the renovation is inspected, it will either receive a pass or fail. Passing allows the next stage to continue. Failing isn’t always bad. It just indicates some alterations are needed. With each progression, a report is given to the homeowner or the contractor. If there is a flaw, the work is redone. The inspections grantee the contractor’s work. An experienced contractor will always stick to code and ensure their work. When major renovations are financed through the bank, they will often require a home inspector to ensure there are no flaws or later compensation for flawed work.

Hiring a Home Inspector for New Construction & Remodeling

For large scale home renovations, an inspector should be sought before the home renovations begin. Ask them at what stages of the renovation they should come and inspect. As inspections should occur in stages it is good for the home inspector and contractor to work together when coordinating schedules for the inspection. This is why it’s good to contact an inspection service before renovations begin. You can consult with them about the changes you are making to the home. They will often follow up with the contractor to know the timing of the renovation. With better knowledge of the renovation the home inspector can be better prepared for each inspection.

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In many cases you will need to seek out your own home inspector. However, when financing through the bank or working with a contractor, they will often have a relationship with certain home inspectors they have worked with in the past. You can ask for any recommended home inspector from your contractor or seek out your own. Make sure to do your homework. Find a home inspector that is fully licensed and that provides quality inspections. If you need to renovate your home, and want to ensure the quality or the work and the safety of your home, contact JMark Inspections today.

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