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Atypical Home Maintenance Expenses in Huntsville, TX; Unexpected Heating & Cooling Costs & More

When you have worked so hard to purchase your first home, the day that you get those keys is a rewarding one. Most new homeowners have put into the budget their mortgage, utilities and other expenses that come with your home. What many new homeowners don’t take into account are the maintenance mountains that they may be facing when they purchase a home for the first time. JMark Inspections is here to share some maintenance expenses that you should consider when you are purchasing a home for the first time and trying to make a budget for it.

Changing Locks on New House

As you turn that key for the first time to walk into your home after you have closed on your home, it’s an exciting time. Don’t get so wrapped up in the excitement that you forget that the locks should be changed after you buy the house. You don’t know how many people have a copy of the key to your home, and will rest easier knowing that you are the only one that has the keys to get in. You don’t want to have the cleaning lady, the pet sitter and the handyman to have access to your home, even if it is unlikely that they could ever come in. If you have the tool needed for the job, it can be an easy DIY project, but you may have to hire a locksmith to get the job done.

Unexpected Heating & Cooling Costs

Now that you are responsible for the heating and cooling costs in your home, you will want to ensure they are working well. This means that you need to have a schedule maintenance appointment once a year for each of these systems. A routine maintenance appointment will ensure they are working properly and there are no repairs that need to be made going forward.

Residential Pest Control

If you were renting before you purchased the home, you will quickly see that pests are something you need to think about. The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is a pest infestation. Especially, if it is a pest like termites. Working with a pest control company to ensure you don’t have a pest problem in the home going forward will be well worth the money spent.

Tree Trimming

If the property you bought has large, old trees on it, you will need to care for them. You don’t want them to get too large and unruly. Not only that, but you need to ensure they are healthy so they don’t pose a threat to your home.

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