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Our Home Inspectors Check Every Window in Willis, TX; Common Glass & Frame Issues Found During Home Inspections

When a home inspector inspects a home there are many aspects of the home that is sometimes thoroughly looked over. One of these aspects is the windows of the home. Windows can pose a number of problems for the home and some even hazardous. When inspecting the windows of a home it can be surprising to see what home inspectors discover during the inspection. JMark Inspections will share some of the common window inspection fails and why they should be avoided.

Window Location & Usage

When a home is designed the window size and location is a major consideration builders and engineers will cover to ensure proper insulation, safety and efficiency. However, when a homeowner chooses to renovate their home, often windows are added, the location changed, or sometimes the size of the windows may be altered. Sometimes the location of the window is changed which can compromise the structure of the home and support beam are at times, removed. The size of the windows can cause a major risk especially in higher levels. Larger windows can make it easier to fall out of which is more of a concern for little children. When altering windows in the home make sure that they still follow all proper code and safety regulations to avoid hazards and weaken the home’s structure.

Landscaping in Front of Windows

Sometimes the windows are not the issue but the landscaping around the windows. Windows can serve as an emergency exit and at times firefighters will access a home through the windows to enter the home to save lives. When trees are planted in front of windows, or the landscape interferes with windows too much, it can be a hazard. On the other hand, windows can also be used by burglars. You do not want to make the landscape more convenient for a potential intruder. For example, avoid planting trees too close to windows or avoid anchoring a vine trellis next to windows that can be easily climbed up.

Is it Safe to Nail Windows Shut?

Sometimes a home inspector will inspect the windows in a home to discover they have been nailed shut. This is a major safety concern for a few reasons. Windows allow air circulation when opened and during times when air contaminants or toxins are present in the home. Again windows can also serve as a fire escape. Every homeowner will have their own reasons as to why nailing or screwing the window closed was necessary. However, consider the risks and for those who may be selling a home, it can deter buyers.

Broken Window Glass

Many windows today will use two and even three panes of glass. Each pane of glass is insulated with a gas to help prevent heat or cooling loss in the home. When glass panes are broken, the home insulation is compromised. Additionally, it is never good to have broken glass around the home. They are dangerous and will also reduce the value of the home along with deterring buyers. Broken windows are a very common inspection fail.

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