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Buying a House with Building Code Violations in Rosenberg, TX; Home Inspections Can Detect

When it comes to selling or buying a home, you’ll want to be cautious about the DIY projects that may have been done around the home. Do it yourself projects both small and large can have a major effect on the home, especially during a home inspection. We often find that DIY projects didn’t always follow building codes. Owners either wanted to avoid getting a permit or it was done simply out of negligence. When selling a home and to avoid inspection failures, there are some common code violations you will either want to avoid or correct if they are present in your home. JMark Inspections present some of the common building code violations found by home inspectors.

Common Code Violations Home Inspectors Look For

Duct Work Permit: If you have duct work that needs to be done before selling your home it is important that you get a permit. Duct work does require a permit if the ducts need to be designed and installed. Basic repairs do not need a permit. However, if duct work is be replaced by a different material or is being redesigned altogether, the work will require a permit. When using a contractor they will know what will require a permit and what duct work doesn’t need a permit.
Improper Bathroom Venting: When a bathroom exhaust vent is installed and the installation of the exhaust leads to an enclosed attic, this is a building code violation. Exhaust fans that lead into the attic is actually a common code violation and is mostly found in older homes. Due to the humidity in a bathroom when the exhaust fan is in use, it sends all of the humidity up and into the attic. Once humidity gets trapped inside the attic it will cause mold to develop and will lead to rotting wood. Exhaust fans from the bathroom or laundry room must be fed outside to prevent structure rot, mold, and a building violation.
Poor Ledger Board: Homes that have a deck that attaches to the home use a ledger board which is the piece of board on the side of the home that the deck secures to. There are many DIY decks built onto homes, or there are older homes that have decks with improper ledger boards that don’t follow proper building codes. Mainly, a ledger board must be either bolted or screwed into the home’s framing. We find that too many DIY decks are nailed which is a major building code violation.
Improper Smoke Detector Location: Smoke detectors must be installed at least four inches away from walls and be four to 12 inches away from intersecting walls and ceilings. Smoke detectors must also be three feet away from all air duct vents. This violation is most often found in older homes or homes that were independently built. This can be a major safety flaw which needs correcting. Often you will need to relocate the smoke detectors to meet building code standards.

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If you are buying or selling a home it can greatly benefit the sale by having the home inspected. Home inspectors can help aid in the sale and bring to light any violation or flaws that can be corrected. If you need a home inspection, contact JMark Inspections today.

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