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Reasons to Get a Home Inspection in Texas City, TX & Most Common Problems Found

Part of buying a home involves a home inspection. It’s almost always a requirement for any lender before a mortgage loan can be secured. Not having one done can lead to a list of problems that can be costly to fix. Discovering issues before you finalize a loan means you can request to have problems fixed, or the price of your potential home can be lowered to cover the cost of the repairs. Depending on what you find out, you may decide to just move on to another home.

Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

1. Home Lacks Current Building Codes & Standards. Almost every new homeowner will want to make some changes to a home they are moving into. Change can be a fresh coat of paint, extra outlets, an addition to name a few. These changes can create the perfect home for your family, but when a home inspection isn’t done, these changes may not comply with current building codes. This means that the home you want to buy may have code violations that will need to be corrected before the home can be sold.
2. Bad Electrical Wiring. Electronics seem to multiply as the years go by. With the increase for electrical demand, many homes are not up to the task. Outdated wiring is common with older homes. Many homeowners will opt to make subpar electrical upgrades to make up for it instead of replacing the old wiring. Home inspections are a great way to find these issues before you purchase a home.
3. Faulty Plumbing. The plumbing systems in older homes is a common problem. This can cause clogs, leaks and water pressure that is weak. These issues can all be found during a home inspection to avoid major problems in the future.
4. Effects of Poor Drainage. Lots that are not graded correctly from the start can be a problem. Some properties will also have erosion problems. All homes settle over time and can lead to poor drainage around the home. Water should always be diverted away from the home. When this doesn’t happen, standing water can pool and start to run toward the house. When it accumulates around the foundation, it can cause leaks or moisture in the basement, damage to the foundation and possible mold and rot problems. These problems can be avoided when a property is re-graded.
5. Roof Damage. Getting up on a roof is something that most homeowners don’t do. In fact, roofs aren’t really thought about until there’s a problem. Roof problems such as damaged shingles or flashing, leaks and possible pest infestations can cause serious problems in a home. These problems will all be discovered with a home inspection.

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Try not to fall in love with a home until a home inspection has been performed. Home inspections are important to ensure that the home you’re purchasing is free of any issues that will end up costing you in the future. Give JMark Inspections a call when you find a home you want to buy.

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