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Common Home Inspection Findings in Sugar Land, TX; Water Damage, Electrical Problems & More

When you are buying a new house, selling your home or doing some home renovation and remodeling you will need and should want to have a home inspection. This is a service that is provided and is of great benefit to you. It is never a good idea to skip the home inspection and you want to make sure you are well prepared for any troubles that you are getting into. If you overlook potential problems it can end up looking and becoming much worse. Then you are stuck making repairs that you could have taken care of before. The home that you are living in or purchasing is something that you want to care for and be able to enjoy. The more that you have to work on the house later as surprises come up the more of a nuisance it can be. The home inspection is a full comprehensive report to give you the information you need. JMark Inspections lists some common home inspection findings.

House Water Damage

One of the things that could be hiding in a home and go unnoticed happens to be water damage. If there are signs of water damage it is not just the water damage itself that is a concern. Of course it is troublesome and you want to make sure that it is noted and repaired before you move in. But the water also leads to mold and mildew that is a health concern. The water damage that is noticeable is a sign that there is a leak of some sorts. The leak might be hidden and you cannot be sure that the leak has been repaired. That means the first time there is rain you could be in a bad situation. You want to make sure you are careful when it comes to water damage and be sure you find the reason behind it.

Structural Damage

When it comes to a home it is only as strong as the foundation that is it built upon. The framework and the foundation of the house should be inspected and sings of damage should be noted. Damage in these area can be catastrophic to the home and it’s structure. When there are problems with the structure it can end up being a home that over time can collapse and even condemned.

Roof Damage

The area of the home that is not something you can see when you walk around the house is the roof. The roof is your first line of defense when it comes to adverse weather. The materials that are used on your roof can become damaged and this can lead to a leak in the roof. The roof should be checked thoroughly to ensure that there are not any damaged areas of materials.

Electrical Wiring Problems

You want to make sure the home has been checked for any problems with the electrical wiring. This is a specialty area of work that has to be repaired by an electrician. If you see that there are problem with the circuit, wires, outlets and other fixtures they need to be repaired. Any trouble with the electrical system can be a potential fire hazard.

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