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Common Home Inspection Issues in Tomball, TX; Grading Slope, Aging Roof Materials & More

Homeownership brings on a whole new lifestyle. The home is quite the investment. They come with mortgage payments, taxes, maintenance and home improvements. When looking to buy the home, having the home inspection gives buyers the opportunity to know the obligations they are getting into and avoid unanticipated expenses. Home inspections cover many aspects of the home from roof to the foundation and everything in between. Today, we at JMark Inspections would like to share the common issues found in home inspection services.

Grading Slope Around House

Grade sloping issues are often looked into during the home inspections. A problem difficult to detect, water damage is one of the most common issues. Too often, water damage can seem unlikely, especially when looking at a house during the warm, dry summer months. If a hidden water problem awaits the homeowner during the wet season, checking the grade sloping can be a first step. Water wicks up the foundation, when the grade sloping drains water back toward the home; this results in foundation movement, wet crawlspaces, cracking, and settling. In severe cases, mold and wall rot develops.

Poor Electrical Wiring

One of the most common causes of house fires is faulty electrical wiring. For the average home buyer to miss, through home inspections always look at multiple wiring issues. For today’s higher demand, the older homes often lack adequate power supply. An attempt to correct this problem, homeowners will rely on extension cords that are seen running from room to room. A thorough home inspect can help detect any faulty wiring problems. Any wiring exposed is hazardous, especially any spliced wire, where wire is conjoined by electrical tape. Wiring issues can be hidden in crawlspaces and attic, which a professional often finds.

Aging Roofing Materials

After a tour, people can easily fall in love with home. However, few buyers can see the roof or its condition. If the roof has potentially expensive repair needs, a thorough home inspection reveals that. The roof’s main purpose is to keep water out. When water begins to seep inside, materials need replacement. Ultimately, roof replacements become necessary, though in few instances’ patchwork jobs provide temporary relief. If an imminent roof replacement is in the future, the inspectors can see the signs.

HVAC System Defects

Few home buyers get a sense of the efficiency and reliability of the HVAC system, as tours are usually brief. Major utility bills are often come with older systems are often dirty and inefficient. A home inspector is vital as a home inspector determine how long the climate control systems are likely to last. It is important to factor that into the purchase price; you could be on the hook for a new HVAC system.

Neglected Home Maintenance

Chances are the previous owner is passing their maintenance costs onto you in the event the previous owner deferred maintenance and now wants to sell. An experienced professional can easily see the signs of poor and neglected maintenance needs.

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