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Common Home Inspection Findings in Huntsville, TX & What is Covered in Property Inspections

When buying or selling a home much of the property and home flaws can be revealed with a home inspection. When people hear the word “flaws,” it is often associated with negative discoveries. However, as a seller, discovering the property’s flaws can help make you more aware of what repairs or enhancements are needed in order to get your full selling price. As a buyer, flaws allow you leverage to negotiate the price of the home and property or help steer you away from a bad investment. JMark Inspections will share how home inspection help locate flaws in the home and on the property to aid both seller and buyer.

What is Covered in a Home Inspection?

When inspecting a home, an inspector is often looking for flaws in the home as well as the surrounding property. Starting with the home, home inspectors will look at the home’s exterior features such as the siding/stucco/brick, roof, and gutter system, in search of any damages, pest activity, or mold. After checking the exterior, the home inspector will work their way inside the home. They then will look in the crawl space and the attic, searching for visible damages. They will additionally look for signs of internal pest damage such as carpenter ants, termites, and rodents. Other damages such as water damage, mold or evidence of past fires are also documented. Another internal and external aspect of the home will cover the electrical and plumbing system. They will check condition and whether or not they meet current code and regulations. In the attic space the HVAC system is inspected, as well the attic insulation. Additionally, the attic structure is also inspected. The roof is inspected for damages. Again, the inspection will cover pest damage, mold, wood rot and other threats to the home and roof integrity.

Property Inspections

After the home has been thoroughly inspected, often a home inspector can check other features of the property. Some common aspects of property inspection cover the irrigation system, pool, spa or hot tubs. Other exterior structures, including gazebos, decks, and pergolas, can also be inspected. When inspecting exterior structures, the condition is evaluated along with other issues that may be present such as mold or pests. The irrigation system is tested, and leaks or broken sprinkler heads are reported. Pool and spa or hot tub electrical and plumbing systems are also inspected.

Benefits of Seller Pre Purchase Home & Property Inspections

After inspecting the home and property and if any flaws were discovered, the seller can make the needed repairs before putting the home up for sale. With the flaws are repaired the seller can be confident in their home’s value. With a clean home inspection, it can also help aid in making a sale quicker and go smoother.

Reasons for a Buyer to Get a Home Inspection

As a buyer you never want to invest in a home without an inspection. There are too many ways to hide flaws that only an experienced home inspector can find. Unless you have the knowledge of construction, electrical systems or plumbing, you may miss a number of flaws.

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To be confident in the home’s condition and to offer fair market value, never bypass a home inspection. For quality commercial or home inspections, contact JMark Inspections and schedule our services today.

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