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Why Buying a Home or Commercial Property Without an Inspection is a Risk, Miss & Fail in Willis, TX!

When buying a home, some people are often persuaded to skip a home inspection to help save money and time. There are times when a buyer knows the home need repairs and that it is considered a fixer-upper. In such cases, they feel a home inspection isn’t necessary. There are many aspects to buying a home and a home inspection should always be one of them. JMark Inspections will share why a home inspection should never be skipped before buying a home.

Reasons to Get a Home Inspection

Home inspections are not a legal requirement. However, they determine the sale price of the home and help get approval of a loan from the lender or mortgage loan company. The sale price of the home isn’t always set in stone. A home inspection can reveal flaws in the home that will require future repair or an additional investment to the buyer. The sale price can be renegotiated if the buyer is willing to invest in the needs of the home. Additionally, many mortgage or lenders will approve a loan much faster with a home inspection report. There are a few mortgage lenders that may require an inspection if the loan administration through the Office of Housing and Urban (HUD) want the home inspection report before approving a loan.

Risk of Buying a Home Without an Inspection

There are a number of reasons to get a home inspected before committing to a loan. The main focus of all home inspections is to determine the condition of the home. A home inspections doesn’t just look for local code laws, but other conditions that may be present such as mold, pests, and structural weaknesses. When investing even in a fixer-upper, a home inspection can help bring to light all of the home’s needs and better prepare a buyer for the future investment of the home. When a buyer is looking for a home with little to no problems, they shouldn’t skip out on a home inspection. Homes can be made to look great on the outside. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Many sellers who are looking to sell their home may try to hide certain flaws. In many cases, the seller of the home may not know of any problems that are present in the home. When skipping on the home inspection, it is a gamble and in many cases the buyer loses.

Should I Use My Realtor’s Home Inspector?

Many people have a hard time trusting in a home inspector as many are referred through the realtor. Home inspectors depend on honest reports and thorough inspections of the home. Home inspectors must have a reliable reputation to ensure the longevity of their practice. Home inspectors are trained and educated in local building codes, construction and materials used according to the age of the home. Inspectors can not only do an inspection of the home but other features on the property such as pool, spa, and irrigation system. Home inspection is a service that you can trust and should be requested before applying for a loan.

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