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Common Home Inspection Issues in Waller, TX; Faulty Electrical Wiring, Roof Damage, HVAC Problems & More

It seems like until the home inspection is performed on a property that a buyer is looking to purchase, everyone is holding their breath. There are situations where a home inspection can make or break the sale of a home. As an inspector combs through every square inch of a home, there are bound to be some issues that arise. JMark Inspections is here to talk about some of the most common issues that we tend to see when we inspect a home.

Grading System Issues

It is vital that a home inspector looks at the grade around a home. This grade is put in place to keep the home safe from water damage. This should be important to every potential homeowner as water damage can be extremely difficult to detect. When an issue is detected with the grade surrounding a home, it can mean that you will be facing severe water damage during the wettest months of the year. If the grade is sloping toward the house rather than away from it, you will find that water wicks up the foundation and can cause foundation issues that are extremely pricey.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

The electrical wiring in your home plays a big role in your safety. When there is faulty wiring in the walls, it can lead to a house fire. During a home inspection, there are several aspects of the wiring system that is inspected. Issues with your electrical can be difficult to detect if you don’t have the training and experience that home inspectors have. Inspectors will be looking for exposed wires, an adequate power supply, any signs of wiring damage and more.

Roof Damage

The roof is something many buyers don’t think about. As you walk through a home, it isn’t usually in the forefront of your home since it is out of sight. During a home inspection, the inspector will be doing a thorough inspection of the roof, looking for any signs that may be present that indicate it’s time to replace it. The roof’s main job is to keep water out of the house and if there is significant damage to the roof, you will want to look deeper into the home for any water that has made its way in there.

Central Heat & Air HVAC Problems

Another large expense in any home is the heating and cooling system. If the heating system in a home is older, it is likely much less efficient and will end up costing more money to keep you comfortable. Aside from inspecting this ever important system, you can request utility bills to get a good feel for what you may up against. If there are issues with the heating and cooling system, you will want to negotiate this into the home purchase as it can be costly to replace the system.

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