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Home Inspection Tips for Sellers in Magnolia, TX; Know Condition of House, Low Maintenance Curb Appeal & More

When you need to sell your home, you may look for ways to help improve the sale of your home. There are a few ways you can help improve the sale of the home. For those who need to sell their home and in a hurry, following are some tips from a home inspector that many times we have seen help in the sale of a home. JMark Inspections will share a few tips on improving your chances of a fast sale.

Staging a Home for a Quick Sale

When you need to sell your home fast you will want to create the perfect buyers scene. Not everyone has the additional money to create the perfect stage to help sell your home. However, it can greatly help the sale of the home. You will want to create a perfect scene when the Realtor comes to take picture of the home. If possible, you will want to present your home so a buyer can imagine how they can fill your home with their belongings. It has been noted that homes with some furniture and décor can help improve the sale of a home. However, you will want to declutter the home as much as possible. Remove items like family photos and some of the furniture. Keep a sofa and TV and an end table with some flowers to bring color to the home. The dining room can have a kitchen table set and have a few appliances in the kitchen. Bedrooms have most personal items removed and have a clean bed made up. You will want to keep the inside of the home basic but bring in plants and color into the home. The pictures taken and placed online often help to bring in buyers to the home.

Add Low Maintenance Curb Appeal to Your House

Another way to better showcase the home is by improving the outside of the home. You will want to have pictures taken of the home looking its best. Not only do you want the pictures of the home to look great, but you will want to maintain the outside of the home until the home is sold. Once the for sale sign comes up every person passing by the home can’t help but look at the home. You never know when your future buyer may drive by. Again declutter the outside of the home and make sure the landscape is perfect. Consider bringing potted flowers on the porch or in the backyard to help bring color if the outside of the home seems a bit dull.

Determine the Condition of the Home

When you want to ensure the sale of your home, it is important to make sure of the home’s worth. When a buyer moves forward with a sale they will hire a home inspector to come and look over the home. The home inspector will note the good as well as the bad of the home. When a negative report comes for the home inspector, often the buyer will walk away from the sale. Do not wait until a buyer wants to have the home inspected. You can seek out a pre-listing inspection and correct any issues before the potential buyers start to come.

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When you want to sell your home fast, these are some of the steps you can take. For quality home inspection services, contact JMark Inspections today.

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