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Essential Home Safety Items & Equipment in La Porte, TX; Fire Extinguishers, Smoke & Carbon Detectors & More

Everyone should feel safe in their own home. Most people do with little to no effort. However, if a disaster were to strike your home, do you have the essentials in it to be prepared? No one wants to think of anything bad happening in their home, but the reality is, that bad things happen, and you should be ready for them. There are several things you should have in your home to ensure your home is as safe as possible and ready when disaster does strike. JMark Inspections is here to talk about some of the safety essentials that you should have in your home no matter what.

Fire Extinguisher for Home

No one wants to get caught with a fire in their kitchen and no way to successfully and quickly put it out. Having a fire extinguisher in your home helps to prepare you for a small fire that can easily get put out before it turns into more damage. There are many fire extinguishers that are made to blend in with the style of your home, so that many people don’t even realize they are they, but you are ready if the time comes that you need to use one.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These are two of the most important things you can have in your home to keep you safe. You can purchase some smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that actually work with the rest of your smart home features. This can make monitoring the battery life and other aspects of their function, much simpler. If there were ever a carbon monoxide leak, you would want to know since it is deadly as well as odorless and colorless.

Deadbolts on Egress Door

The doors that lead to and from your home should be the most secured doors in the house. This can be done by ensuring there is a true dead bolt on all of the entrances that lead into your home. Other locks can be easily picked, and criminals can gain easy access into your home when you don’t have secure locks on the doors.

WIFI Thermostat

This may be one that many people don’t really think about; it’s a thermostat for crying out loud! However, the thermostat in your home is an important safety feature. This is especially true if you travel a lot. When it is hooked up to WIFI, you have control over the temperature, even when you aren’t home. That way, you can make sure your home is heated and cooled so that you aren’t dealing with problems like a burst pipe while you are on vacation.

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