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Fall Home Maintenance Inspection Checklist in Missouri City, TX; Weatherproof, Insulate Outdoor Faucets & More

With fall upon us, it is important to take this opportunity to prepare your homes for winter. No matter if you live warmer climate or not, taking the time to do some maintenance can help keep your home in better health and manage overall efficiency of your home. Below, we at J Mark Inspections would like to offer a fall maintenance checklist to prepare your home for the cooler months.

Fall Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance Schedule

Tree maintenance is essential for the property’s appearance and to help protect the home and vegetation. Now is the time to remove any dying or dead limbs from the trees, or even remove the trees themselves. The dead branch that falls in the winter can potentially damage property including your vehicle or home if the hanging limbs are in dangerous areas. Look for any discoloration, obvious signs of trauma, excessive insect life or even fungi growth that indicate a tree needs the attention of a professional arborist. Ensure any plant life is trimmed away from the home and complete necessary tasks to ensure their winter survival.

Fall Exterior Home Maintenance Inspection

In time for winter, make certain your home is fully sealed and secure. Anywhere that two dissimilar surfaces, such as around doors or windows, need to be checked if you need to add more caulking. If there isn’t a good seal, doors and windows may need new weatherstripping. To help you heat your home more efficiently, new weatherstripping and well-sealed windows are a must. Make sure the gutters are not clogged and inspect your roof for gaps or missing shingles. You can end up with water damage and repair expenses in the event you have an issue. Install gutter guards to help keep leaves out after cleaning gutters.

Repair Cracks in Concrete Driveway

Fill cracks now to keep them from becoming potholes later should you have cracks in your driveway. With weather changes, concrete will expand and contract, an already existing problem will worsen. To save you money in the future, this preventative maintenance is critical.

Insulate & Close Outdoor Faucets

Your outdoor faucets will be exposed to dropping temperatures. Turn off the water supply and drain the faucet. For an inexpensive and effectively protect the fixtures, Styrofoam covers for outdoor faucets at home improvement and hardware stores. Drain your garden hose and store it as well.

Residential HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Have a qualified technician come out and service your heating system, whether your heat comes from a wood stove, pellet stove, furnace, or heat pump. Testing for proper operation, are changing filters, vacuuming the system, and inspecting and cleaning chimneys and flues are some key points. Inspect the near chimney for tree branches that may have grown too close if you have a wood or pellet stove.


To ensure your home is properly inspected in order for you to prioritize the essential repair and maintenance, call JMark Inspections and let our certified home inspectors provide a comprehensive inspection. During the inspection, we can discover elements to your home that need your attention, no matter if you intend to sell or want to be in the home for years to come.

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