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Harmful Pests Found During a Home Inspection in Tomball, TX; Rodents, Termites, Carpenter Ants, Wildlife & More

When a home inspector is performing an inspection, either for a buyer or seller, they know that most homeowners seek to maintain their home. Nonetheless, there are certain elements home inspectors hate to find. When inspecting inside a home, a home inspector will often discover hidden pests. Certain pests can be bad news when discovered inside the home as they can cause major damages to the home directly or make the home an unhealthy environment. JMark Inspections will share some of the worst pests that can be discovered inside the home during an inspection.

Pests Can Cause Property Damage & Affect Health

There are a number of pests that are considered a nuisance, while others are considered a threat. Some pests can cause damage to the home and even spread diseases. When doing a home inspection, a home inspector will make sure the home is up to code and will also look for any flaws or damages. When certain pests are discovered, it can raise some alarm. Some of the worst pests to find in the home are as follows.

Home Inspector Found Mouse or Rat

There are many different types of rats in Texas. However, two most common rats found inside homes are the roof rats and Norway rats. Rats are most often found in attics. Mice is another major concern. In Texas you can find house mice, kangaroo mice, and deer mice. Mice can be found throughout the entire home. Both mice and rats will chew holes through wall, and chew on electrical wiring. They also can spread diseases. Rodents are one of the worst pests to be exposed to a home. If rodents are found during a home inspection, it will be on their report and action will be needed.

Termites Found During Home Inspection

During a home inspection termites are at times, discovered. Termites can be found in various places inside the home. Some termites will either nest directly inside the home or just outside. They will travel indoors to feed. During a home inspection, termites are often found in the basement and inside the attic. Termites can cause major damages to a home and do so within a single season. When termites are found by a home inspector, it is important to have the termites treated and the damages evaluated.

Home Inspection Discovers Carpenter Ants

Another pest that can invade your home and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages is the Carpenter ant. Carpenter ants will invade a home and begin chewing holes through the wooden framing, weakening the home structure. Carpenter ants often don’t make their presence known until it is too late. Often it takes an in depth inspection of a home to discover the presence of this pest. Carpenter ants, like termites, will need to be treated and the damage evaluated to ensure the quality of the home.

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Rodents, termites, and carpenter ants can cause major damages to a home which can affect the value of the home. Other pests found include wildlife from snakes and bats to squirrels and raccoons and more. For buyers, sellers, and homeowners seeking to maintain their home, it is important to know if pests are present and how long they have been there. When needing a professional home or commercial inspection, contact JMark Inspections today.

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