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Home Inspection for Condos in Stafford, TX; What Does a Home Inspector Look for in a Condominium & More

When look for a home, many people discover they love living in condominiums. Condominiums offer great prices, less maintenance and a great atmosphere. For those who are considering buying a condo, we find that many people will skip on a home inspection because condos are not a house on a property. However, this is a common misconception for even condominiums should be inspected. JMark Inspections will share why condos need to be inspected and some of the common risks that are involved when buying a condo.

Condo Resale Certificate

When buying a condo, whether it is a newly built building or one that has been around for years, you always want to have your future living space inspected. When investing in a condo one major aspect to consider is the condominium HOA responsibilities. The HOA primary responsibility is the maintenance on everything outside of the condo. The HOA will maintain the outer walls and exterior of the building. This, however, does not include the condo. It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain everything inside the condo, which means you can inherit the previous owner’s problems or unseen issues. When investing in a condominium you should be able to review the resale certificate that lists the conditions of the HOA. Some may include maintenance and repairs of the condo. It important to know if the HOA will repair any issues found in the condo when it is vacant to ensure you are not walking into additional expense.

Why Skipping Condo Inspection is a Mistake

When considering buying a condo, you always want to have it inspected before committing to the purchase. During an inspection of a condo it is common for an inspector to discover a number of issues. One common discovery is mold. Mold is often found hidden in bathrooms or in the laundry room. Mold can be deep within the walls and will require the walls to be removed. In some cases, the mold can be treated. However, as a buyer you will not want to walk into a condo with mold. Another issue found in condos are cracked or damaged walls and or ceilings. Walls and ceilings can become damaged under a number of circumstances, and often wall damages are kept hidden. If major wall or ceiling damage is discovered, including cracks or even water damage, make sure the wall can be repaired before investing in the condo. Water may not only be discovered on walls or in the ceiling, but even along the floors. An experienced inspector can easily evaluate water damage on floors, walls, and in the ceiling even though they might be hidden. Along with mold, water, and physical damages, a home inspector will check the plumbing and electrical system, making sure they properly and safely function. At times electrical and or plumbing issues are also discovered. Home inspectors often find plumbing leaks for pipes or fixtures or inadequate water pressure due to plumbing or appliance problems.

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When buying a condo never leave the quality of your future living space up to chance. Make sure to seek professional inspection services to ensure the condo is a worthwhile investment. For condo inspections, contact JMark Inspections.

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