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Home Inspection Found Mold when Buying or Selling a House in Tomball, TX? Causes & Remediation

When buying or selling a home often you will want a home inspection. When having the home inspected and the inspector has discovered mold, many will ask what does that mean for the state or condition of the home? There are a number of considerations when mold is found in the home. JMark Inspections will explain what it means when mold is discovered during an inspection and what can be done to help the sale of the home.

What Causes Mold in the House?

While mold is common outside, it can definitely cause alarm when it is found inside the home. There are many types or species of mold and depending on the type of mold, some can be hazardous and even life threatening. When mold is found in the home by an inspector we will often look for the source or cause. Mold requires moisture in order to thrive. This leads to the question where is the water coming from? Water can come from a leak in the walls, plumbing, or the roof is leaking. Other sources of moisture could be from exhaust or dryer vents that are not routed properly or the previous homeowner had potted plants.

Seller Home Inspection Found Mold

When mold is found in the home, and if the home inspector was able to determine the source of the moisture, you will need to correct the problem. You will of course, want to repair the cause of the moisture by fixing the leaky plumbing, piping or repairing the roof etc. The mold will also need to be treated. In some cases you may want to have the mold tested to see what species of mold is present. If the mold is harmful, consider seeking a professional mold treatment service to avoid personal exposure and ensure the mold is properly treated. In mild cases of mold, applying bleach over the mold will kill it. However if the mold is found in insulation, drywall or other structural materials, some material may need to be replaced to deem the home safe. If mold was found in a home you want to sell, it is recommended to have the air ducts cleaned since mold spores are airborne and may be present inside. You should even consider having the carpet cleaned as well to ensure the home is healthy.

Mold Found During a Home Inspection when Buying a House

If you are a buyer and really want the home but the inspector discovered mold, talk to the seller and see what can be done to have the home treated and what steps are needed to recover the home. Some buyers are willing to take on the mold treatment themselves. Make sure you get an estimate of the mold removal and see if the buyer will reduce the price of the home since there is an investment made to get the home livable.

Post Mold Remediation Verification with Re-Inspection

After the home has been treated for mold, in most cases the home will need to be inspected again and approved by an agent of the state. Once the home is cleared by an agent of the state the home can be occupied. As the buyer or seller it is important to make sure the home is properly treated. It is estimated that 50% of homes in America has some mold. Before buying or selling a home it is important to get the home inspected to make sure that the home is safe and healthy.

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