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Nervous About a Home Inspection in Huntsville, TX? Checklist for How to Prepare for Inspector!

As a seller do you need your home inspected? If so, there are a lot of ways you should prepare for a home inspector. There are a lot of aspects of home inspection where you can aid or preclude the inspector from performing a quality home inspection. JMark Inspections will share how you can prepare your home to ensure a quality home inspection and get the results you need to ensure a successful sale.

Schedule Date for Home Inspection

The very first step is to research and then schedule a reputable home inspector that can guarantee a quality inspection. When you schedule the home inspector, it is important to be present during the inspection. The inspector may need access to certain areas that require the homeowner to provide. Additionally, you want to be on site to hear the preliminary report and go over that report with the home inspector to answer any questions you have on their findings.

Make Basic Repairs Before Home Inspection

To avoid getting a negative report, it helps to make a few basic repairs if needed. Some of the key areas to make improvements before the inspector is schedule to arrive are:
• Replace damaged trim work.
• Seal around windows and door frames.
• Replace missing or damaged roofing shingles or tile.
• Repair leaky plumbing.
• Reseal air ducts.
• Replace burnt out light bulbs.
Nothing major needs to occur before a home inspection. However, these areas can quickly be done so as to not reflect poorly on the inspection report.

Clean & Make Home Accessible for Home Inspector

You will want your home clean and accessible for the home inspector to be able to inspect all areas of the home. When we say clean that doesn’t mean you need to freshly dust or vacuum. What we ask is that the home is not too cluttered where the home inspector can’t get to electrical, plumbing and structural components of the home easily. The inspector will need access to the basement, crawlspaces and attic. If they can’t reach these areas they cannot give a proper or complete report. If there is a tree over hanging or touching your home or the roof, this is a problem and goes on the inspector report. Often the inspector will inspect irritation systems, plumbing and plumbing or sewer lines, so they will need access to these points. Make sure you know the location of key points such as the electrical panel, sewer, water and gas connection points. If the inspector is unable to access or find these areas himself, be prepared to show them.

Gather Documents for Home Inspection

If the home has had enough major repairs, such as a roof replacement, water or fire damage repair or plumbing repair or cleaning, documentation will help. Documents of this nature are often requested and can help aid the inspector. The history of the home is essential and it aids the inspection to have these documents ready.

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If you are trying to sell your home it important to aid the inspection and the inspector by following these basic steps to ensure a quality inspection. For professional commercial and residential inspections, contact JMark Inspections and schedule our services today.

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