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Importance of Roofing Inspection By a Home Inspector & How to Avoid Roof Damage in Willis, TX

During a home inspection, the roof is going to be inspected thoroughly as well. Some homeowners may not realize how important it is that their roof is in good condition. When the roof of a home is compromised, it can mean steep costs in water damage and other repairs. There are several reasons that a roof can sustain damage, and JMark Inspections is here to talk about some of the most common problems a roof faces. Some of these problems can be avoided while others are out of your control all together.

Clogged Gutters Cause Roof Damage

The gutter system on a home is almost just as important as a roof. Without a properly working gutter system, the roof of a home is going to be compromised. Your gutters keep water flowing off the roof and away from the home and foundation. When they are filled with debris or have sustained damage, that water will build up against the roof. This will cause rotting and soften areas of the roof. The problem is that when this rots and softening happens, the next storm could cause significant water damage to your home.

Keep Birds & Animals Away from Roof

The droppings and damage left behind from animals and birds is another cause for roof damage. They are likely trying to find somewhere to build their nest or find a food source when they claw and paw at your roof. If you notice frequent animal or bird activity on your roof, you need to call the pest professionals in your area to help you get rid of them effectively.

Tree Branches Should Not Be Touching Roof

When a severe storm hits and the canopy of your tree is hanging over your roof, you could experience roof damage that could have been avoided. There shouldn’t be any branches that are hanging over the top of your roof as this can be a common cause of roof damage. These heavy branches will often break off during a heavy storm, causing big problems. The amount of branches and leaf litter dropped by trees can cause damage as well over time.

Weather is the Biggest Problem For Roofs

It should come as no surprise that severe weather is the leading cause in roof damage. The high winds that come with a good thunderstorm can be a huge problem. Not only that, but heavy rainfall, ice, hail and other forms of weather play a big role in roof damage as well. If you live in a mild climate, you likely see a great deal of sunshine which can cause problems as well. As your roof ages, these problems will become bigger issues.

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Before you purchase a home, you want to know that the roof is in good condition. Replacing a roof is a large cost that you will want to be sure to negotiate in the price of the home. When you choose JMark Inspections, you know that we will give the roof of your potential new home a thorough inspection. Call us today!

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