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Home Inspection Reports Roofing Leak or Roof Near End of Life in Conroe, TX? Buyer wants Seller to Pay for New Roof & More

When a buyer or seller has their home inspected, there are many aspects of their home that will undergo a thorough inspection. One major component to every home is the roof. The roof plays a vital role in the stability of the entire house. When a roof inspection fails, it often can leave many questions for both seller and buyer. JMark Inspection will share how a failed roof inspection affects the seller and buyer and what to do next.

Sellers Pre Inspection Report Allows Seller to Address Home Repairs Before Listing

For those who are getting ready to put their home up for sale, it is often recommended to have their home professionally inspected first. With a home inspection, you can better know the home’s value and not have any unexpected problems occur during a sale. When a home inspection report shows roof problems, it can lead a seller wondering what to do next. As a seller, don’t panic. It’s good to discover your home’s problems now and have them repaired before you put the home up for sale. If a roof inspection came back bad, you have two options. You can put the home up for sale as is and probably get less money for the home as the buyer will undertake the cost of the repairs. The second option is to repair the roof yourself and seek help from a professional roofer. With all the proper repairs or even if you need a roof replacement, it can help add value to your home and ensure you receive the full value of the home.

Buyer Wants Seller to Pay for New Roof

When looking to buy a home, you never should sign anything until the home has had a full inspection first. With a full inspection you will know the quality of the home you are considering buying. For a buyer that receives an inspection report with a “failed roof inspection,” you will have to make a decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase of the home. If you are still considering buying the home, you can bring the report to the seller or Realtor and discuss the final sale price of the home. Depending on the needs of repairing the roof, you can lower the final sale price of the home as the roof condition will lower its value. After purchase, you can undertake the repairs yourself. If you decide that you don’t want to invest in the home with a damaged roof you can always walk away from the sale at any time.

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For both sellers and buyers, it is often recommended to seek the opinion of a professional roofer. If an inspection turns up flaws that result in a failed inspection, a professional roofer can help determine the total cost and needs of the roof repairs. Home inspectors often look for missing shingles, roof leaks, mold or structural damages. A roofer will better know what will need to be done to restore the home’s roof along with an estimate. If you are buying or selling a home or simply want a maintenance report of your home, contact JMark inspections today.

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