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How to Close on a House Fast in Baytown, TX; Buyers Repair Addendum after Home Inspection & More

When you have found the home that you are ready to pull the trigger on, many people want the process to move along as quickly as possible. If you aren’t properly prepared, it can end up costing you big time as far as the timeline is concerned when closing on your home. JMark Inspections is here to share some tips to help you move things along as quickly as possible so you can have a timely closing process.

Get Pre-Approved for Mortgage

If you are new to this home buying business, you may not realize that you can pre-approved long before you find the house of your dreams. This way, you know what your budget looks like as you head into the process. When you do find the house, you will already have the ball rolling on your financing and the process will move along faster.

Choose an Experienced Mortgage Lender

When it comes to choosing the right people to work with, it can make a world of difference. The same goes for your lender. If you are working with the right lender, you may find that they know the ropes and how to stay on top of the paperwork to keep things moving. You don’t want to get held up because you are working with someone who is constantly messing things up for you.

Have List of Documents Ready when Buying a House

Your lender will need a lot of paperwork from you during the closing process. You will need to supply several month’s worth in bank statements, pay stubs, W-2 forms and more. If you don’t have everything gathered and ready, it takes longer to get things squared away. If your lender asks for something additional that you don’t have ready and waiting for them, work quickly to get it to them within the same business day so you don’t see any delays.

Buyers Repair Addendum

It is not uncommon to have things pop up in the home inspection. In fact, it happens more often than not that you will find the property isn’t perfect and there are repairs that need to be made. You can go about this a couple of different ways; the buyer can have the repairs made before closing, or you can negotiate the cost of the repairs and the seller will give you the money so you can have them repaired at your own pace after closing is complete. If the seller is going to be getting the repairs done, make sure there is a schedule they have to meet so that the repairs don’t hold you up.

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At JMark Inspections, we know that timing is crucial when you are buying a home. This is why we always work diligently to get your home inspection completed so that you can meet all those strict deadlines and stay on schedule for a quick closing. Call us today!

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