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Home Inspection to Know if You are Buying or Selling a House with an Active Termite Infestation in The Woodlands, TX

There are few things that will make any homeowners heart sink like finding out they have a termite infestation in their home as they are getting ready to put it on the market. When there are termites eating the walls of your home, you could be facing thousands of dollars in damages and repairs to get it ready to sell. JMark Inspections is here to share some signs that may be present if you have a termite infestation on your hands.

Clicking Noise in Walls Could Be Termites

Are there ever rare moments in your home when all is quiet? If by some miracle, you get to experience this only to find that all isn’t quiet and there is a constant clicking noise that you are hearing, it could be a sign that indicates termite activity. Termites are noisy as they eat away at your home, especially the soldiers in the colony. If these termites indicate that there is danger of any kind, they will start to bang their heads on the wood. This vibration will sound like small clicks if your home is quiet enough to hear it.

Termites Can Cause Blistering in Wood Flooring

When homeowners notice that their wood floor is blistering or puckering, they often think that there has been water damage somewhere. While this could be the case, blistering isn’t only caused by water damage. The underlying floor beneath your hardwood flooring is also something that termites will eat and so if they have taken over this space, you may start to notice that your hardwood is looking different than it should.

Termite Mud Tubes Up from Foundation

One of the most obvious signs of termite activity in your home is the mud tubes they form to travel to and from your home to their nest underground. These small mud tubes will be found usually on your foundation. Any time that you notice small mud tubes built onto your foundation, you need to call for an exterminator right away to resolve the problem before the damage just gets worse.

Termite Droppings AKA Frass

Have you noticed that there seem to be small piles of sawdust that is accumulating throughout your home constantly? This could be much more than sawdust. Termite droppings look a lot like sawdust as they are tiny wood colored pellets. If you continue to find these small piles of sawdust looking droppings, also known as frass, it means that all is not well within your walls. This is a big sign that you have a mature colony of termites feeding on the walls of your home and it is definitely time to call for help.

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Hopefully, as you get ready to put your home on the market, you don’t run into any of these problems. The home inspectors at JMark Inspections are highly trained to look for any signs that there may be termite activity in your home. This is why it is a good idea to have a seller pre-inspection done before putting the home on the market. It will ease your mind and help you avoid any surprises during the buyer’s home inspection. Call us today!

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