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Home Inspections VS City AKA Re-Occupancy Certificate of Compliance or Point of Sale Inspection in Atascocita, TX

Buyers will sometimes confuse a home inspection with a municipal city inspection. It is essential for a buyer to know the major difference between the two types of inspection and why they are both important. When searching for a home, often you may see a municipal inspection has already been done on a home and assume the home has been inspected and doesn’t need another type of inspection. However, this is not the case. There is a major difference between the two types of inspections. JMark Inspections will share what a municipal inspection is and how it is different from a home inspection.

Re-Occupancy Certificate of Compliance Definition

A Municipal inspection is often referred to by many other names such as re-occupancy inspection, certificate of compliance, property maintenance inspection, and point of sale inspection. Not all state or city’s will require a municipal inspection or a pre-sale inspection. As each state and their cities greatly vary on this matter, when buying a home ask you real estate agent if municipal inspections are required if it is not already listed. A Municipal inspection is essentially a pre-sale inspection which many cities require. A municipal inspection inspects a much different aspect of the home. The inspection usually covers permits, zoning and set back requirements, along with health and safety systems. A municipal inspection will also check to see that all codes were enforced, which is common for major developments. A municipal inspection can take between 30 minutes to a few hours. As many cities require municipal inspection, often the seller is responsible for paying the municipal inspection fee, but not the home inspection fees.

What Home Inspectors Do During an Inspection

A home inspection is much different. A home inspection will also make sure the home is up to code but we also do a detailed inspection of the home’s condition. A home inspector will inspect all aspects of the home structure including the electrical system, plumbing, the foundation and much more. A home inspector will look for health or structural flaws in the home such as pest damage or neglect. If a home is part of an HOA, they will make sure the home is up to their local HOA standards. A home inspector can perform a home inspection for buyers, sellers and homeowners who want help maintaining their home. Home inspections are a most common service for a buyer. However, home inspections are not limited to a potential buyer seeking to buy a home. A home inspection is designed to give a buyer, seller, or homeowner a detailed report about the condition of the home.

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When looking to buy a home and you see only a municipal inspection, before buying the home you will want to make sure the home gets a home inspection. A home inspection is essential even for newly built homes. At times certain details can be missed during construction which require proper repairs or correction. When buying, selling, or maintaining a home, and you need quality home inspection services, contact a quality home inspection services. JMark Inspections provide buyer, seller and home maintenance inspections. Schedule our services today.

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