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How Long Does it Take for a New Build to Settle in Lake Jackson, TX? Home Inspection of Foundation & More

There is nothing quite as exciting as buying and moving into a new house. The smell of new construction is fresh and clean. When you have bought a brand new house or finished building a home, there is always a lingering question, how long will it take for the home to settle? Some people will say just a few years and others will say up to 10 years. There are some that will say that your home never truly stops settling. JMark Inspections is here to talk about home settling and when you need to be worried about it being a bigger foundational issue.

What are the Causes of Foundation Settlement?

Foundation settling happens when there are changes that happen naturally in the foundation throughout the years. This can be caused by a number of different causes.
– Weather: If the soil wasn’t prepared correctly or if the soil was prepared during a drought, it could cause settling problems if there is a lot of moisture after the house is built. This is especially true in areas that have clay soil. Colder climates also have weather play a role in settling as cold weather will leave materials expanding and contracting.
– Thermal Movement: This is mentioned a little above, but the heat and cold temperatures can leave your home settling after being built. Hot summer days will leave the soil shrinking which can lead to movement. During the winter, the soil permeates and will experience a deep freeze.
– Gutters & Diverters: The gutter system on your home is important in avoiding settlement issues. If excess water makes its ways to your foundation, it can cause water damage as well as foundational issues like excessive settling.

How Do You Tell the Difference Between Settling & Foundation Problems?

When a foundation is settling, it usually will all settle together. It is normal to see small cracks around your home, but when these cracks exceed 1/8 inch, it can be a bigger problem. Following are some of the signs you should be looking for.
– Wall cracks that are growing wider with time
– You notice that the floors are slightly slanted
– Walls and windows that have large gaps around them
– Roof issues such as large gaps and cracks
– Water pipes that have broken in your home due to settling issues

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When you are buying or building a new house, it is important that you have an inspection done to look for any problems in the home like foundation issues. At JMark Inspections, we know how important it is to determine the condition of the foundation. If you are dealing with large foundational issues, it can be something that you can either have the builder fix or negotiate into the cost of the home. Call us today!

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