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Protect Your House & Garage from Destructive Spring Pests in Galveston, TX with a Home Inspection

Unfortunately, homeowners commonly experience pest infestations. Most pests sneak through the surprisingly small cracks, as a result, it is important to seal perimeters near the ground. Between the siding and foundation, often overlooked is the gap left by careless framing. To spot cracks that could let the little critters sashay into your house, use a small mirror and flashlight. You can squirt canned foam insulation into these spaces or use fiberglass insulation chinked in with a screwdriver to seal your home. Today, we at JMark Inspections would like to discuss how to thwart pests.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

Despite the obvious hazards to their little lungs, rodents enjoy the comforts of fiberglass insulation batts. Being vulnerable are the walls of not unfinished but insulated basements. Make certain to focus on holes penetrating outside walls for gas lines, water pipes and wires in these areas.

Replace Worn Garage Door Weather Stripping

The garage also needs attention. You might leave the big garage door and the door into the house open for a few minutes when you come home with a load of groceries. For these little guys, this is like a freeway. Take the time to hire a pest control to properly protect your home, especially around the garage. Make sure the weather stripping is also intact along the garage door.

Cover Vent Holes to Keep Bugs Away

Within woodpiles, thick bushes, window wells and other secluded areas near the foundation is where spiders and other nasty pests thrive. At least 1 foot wide, it is a good idea to create a “zone of air” around your house. Cut back bushes and remove their fallen leaves and clean out window wells regularly in addition to moving the firewood, lumber and other material away from the foundation. Especially attractive to spiders are also crawl-space vents. Spray the vents with a grocery store variety bug killer, remove their webs with an old broom. In screens and air vents will help by repairing even the tiniest holes.

Trim Landscaping Back

Separating wood from dirt is vitally important. Between your home’s siding and the surrounding landscape, allow at least 8 inches of clear space as well as around deck and porch posts. Otherwise, you can invite carpenter ants and termites to wreak havoc in your home. Make certain areas are kept as dry as possible including under-house areas such as crawl spaces and porches. You need to ensure to get an exterminator involved if you find tiny piles of sawdust, discarded wings, holes in wood members and insect tubes clinging to foundation walls.

How to Keep Squirrels from Damaging Your Attic

One of the most persistent invaders of our living spaces include squirrels. Especially in attics, squirrels also seem to enjoy nesting in insulation. Make sure attic vents have an underlying screen as well as cutting back any overhanging branches. You can buy a trap at a feed store and do it yourself if squirrels are easily trapped by an animal-control professional and never feed the critters. They breed more and become tamer, bolder and peskier when they are fat and spoiled. You can discourage their visits with plain old household ammonia or one of the several varieties of repellents available at the pet store.

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In addition to spotting the vulnerabilities in your home for welcoming pests, a home inspection service can help find other issues that should have your attention before they become a problem, call JMark Inspections to learn more.

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