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How Much Impact Do Windows Increase House Value in Spring, TX? Home Inspection Finding Condensation & More

When buying or selling a home, you will want to ensure its value and condition. This is where a home inspector comes in. They will thoroughly inspect the home and make a detailed report of the condition of the home. The home’s condition will greatly impact the value of the home. There are many aspects to the home that an inspector will cover and one is the windows. A home’s windows can have a surprising effect on the value of a home. JMark Inspections will share how windows effect a home’s value and some of the common issues discovered during an inspection.

Is Condensation on Windows Bad?

When doing a home inspection, an inspector will check every window. One common problem that makes it into many inspector reports is condensation. When there is condensation in between the panes of the windows this reveals that the seal is broken. Between the glass panes there is a gas that helps insulate the windows. Poorly insulated windows mean bad energy efficiency. When windows have condensation and bad insulation, these windows will need to be replaced. To ensure the value of the home, you will want to replace windows with condensation before putting the home up for sale. Another alternative is to make a deal with a buyer and reduce the asking price of the home.

Are Cracked Windows Safe?

Often during a home inspection, the inspector will find one or more windows that have a crack or the glass is broken. Just like the issued with condensation, a broken window is allowing the indoor air to leave and the outdoor air to get inside the home. Along with poor efficiency, the home is a safety risk. Young kids can receive serious injuries on the broken glass. Intruders can more easily get inside the home. The cracks in the windows can also allow dust and pollen to enter the home as well as pests. Broken or cracked glass is never a good signs, especially for a buyer. Again, have the windows repaired before selling the home or compromise on the asking price of the home.

Windows Stop Working

A faulty window, or those that fail to function, is another issue discovered during an inspection. Windows designed to open and close need to function properly. Opening a window helps to ventilate toxic fumes if they get inside the home. They can provide an emergency fire escape and more. There are many reasons why all windows need to be able to open and of course, fully close. If the windows do not function correctly the entire window will need to be replaced. Replacing an entire window is much more costly. Condensation and cracked glass only requires the glass to be replaced and resealed. However, if the entire window doesn’t open or close the window and the window frame needs to be replaced. Essentially, a faulty window is a more expensive problem which will reduce the value of the home even more.

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Before putting your home on the market, you will want to ensure all aspects of the home is in a proper state. If you need help looking for your home’s flaws before selling your home, consider having a home inspection. For seller, buyer, or maintenance inspections, contact JMark Inspections today.

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