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What Do Home Inspectors Look for in an Inspection in Mission Bend, TX? Checks Major House Systems & More

It is house hunting season. When it is time to move and or relocate, many people with kids will plan to move during summer break. With the kids out of school you have more time to search for a home and plan a move. When you are house hunting and you find the home you are looking for, make sure to seek out a home inspection before committing to the purchase. All too often a buyer wants to cut corners and will look for ways to speed up the purchase of a home. However, a home inspection is very helpful as well as essential when buying a home. JMark Inspections will share what a home inspector looks for in every home they inspect, to ensure their clients get a quality home with fair market value.

A Home Inspector Looks for Basic Safety

When a home inspector inspects the home they will often start their inspection with a home’s safety system. A basic safety checklist covers:
• Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors: The inspector will make sure they all operate correctly and are installed in the proper areas and heights.
• Ground Fault Interrupters: The home inspector will check the ground fault interrupters which is a special outlet that is located near all water sources.
• Safety Glass: If glass features are installed anywhere in the home such as stair railing or enclosed shower, the inspector will check the glass and make sure it is tempered glass to ensure safety.
• Stairs and Railing: In multi-story homes, stairways must have protective railings. Additionally, the steps must be the right height and width to ensure proper safety regulations.

What Does a Home Building Envelope Consist Of?

A home’s envelope is a reference to the home’s shield against weather and water. The home’s envelope consist of many elements such as the roof, foundation, gutter system, roof flashing as well as the windows. The weather and water cannot collect anywhere on the roof or around the home especially around the foundation. Water must be properly diverted away from the home in order to have a proper envelope. If there is any concern about the home’s envelope the home inspector will include it in his report.

Home Inspector Checks Major Systems

A home’s major systems such as the HVAC system and plumbing and electrical system will be inspected thoroughly. The HVAC system installation, including the ductwork, will be checked. All codes and regulations must be present as well as have proper function of the HVAC system. The plumbing system, including the drainage system, is tested and checked. The presence of leaks, dripping fixtures and clogs will be included in the report as well. The electrical system must follow all codes and regulations. The breakers will be checked to ensure they work properly and no other electrical hazards are present in the home.

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This is a small selection of the home a home inspector will cover during his inspection. The entire home will be inspected. When flaws or major problems turns up it is important as the buyer to know what you may be getting into. Depending on the home inspector’s findings, the home’s value may drop as a result. Make sure to always seek a home inspection before buying a home. For quality home inspections, contact JMark Inspections today.

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