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Should You Get a Swimming Pool Inspection when Buying a House in Channelview, TX? Is it Necessary & More

When buying a home you should have a complete inspection of the home completed. A home inspection provides the buyer with a complete report of the home’s condition to ensure there are no unexpected flaws that the buyer will need to invest in repairing. A home inspection is vital to a buyer especially when it comes to making the final decision to buy the home. However, when the home includes a pool in the backyard, many buyers wonder if they should request or include the pool in the inspection. Most sellers are focused on the value of the home and often neglect the pool. Pools can pose a major safety hazard as well as an investment for a buyer. A buyer will inherit care of the pool or they will have to invest in removing the pool. Most buyers who look at a home with a pool tend to want the pool. However, is the pool in good condition? JMark Inspections will share why it is important to include the pool during a home inspection.

Are Swimming Pool Inspections Necessary?

Buying a home is a major investment which is why you always want to have the home inspected. When the home includes a swimming pool there is an additional investment to consider. Swimming pools require ongoing maintenance and neglect can lead to expensive problems. A swimming pool uses a filtration system to keep the water clean. If there is a problem with the pool filtration system, the homeowner will have to repair the problem. Along will inheriting the repairs, a buyer may discover their swimming pool is not up to code. Before buying a home with a swimming pool you will want to make sure it is completely up to code. It would be on the seller to update their swimming pool and make sure it is up to code. Another common problem discovered when inspecting the swimming pool is the electrical system. The pool’s pump and filtering system require sufficient power. Often along the electrical line an outlet is installed in the event the pool may need to be pumped out or special electrical cleaning equipment is used. All too often the wrong outlet is used. It is essential that a GFCI outlet is used to ensure safety. Another common safety regulation that is often never present is a security fence around the pool.

Is a Pool Part of a Typical Home Inspection?

When you are buying a home with a swimming pool and you want the pool included in the inspection, you will need to find an inspection service that is certified to inspect swimming pools. There are a number of different aspects to a home and the property. An inspector will need to undergo proper training and acquire certification for the different areas of inspection. A swimming pool and spa require its own set of certifications. When looking for a home inspection service and you want the pool included in the inspection, make sure to hire an inspector with swimming pool certification. As long as they are certified they can include the swimming pool during the home inspection.

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