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How to Make Your House More Attractive to Buyers in Waller, TX; Home Inspection, Energy Efficiency & More

The summer season is well known to the buyers’ market. During summer break is often the best time for families to make a transition to a new home. When you are putting up your home for sale during the summer season, your home can become buried under the many other homes that are up for sale during this buyer market season. To help sell your home and make your home more appealing, JMark Inspections will share how you can make your home stand out and ensure your home is noticed.

Get a Home Inspection

One of the ways to bring attention to your home is having it inspected. Having the home inspected brings transparency to your home. A home inspector will thoroughly inspect the home and list any flaws or bring attention to recent upgrades to the home. A buyer that sees the home has been inspected helps them to know the home is in tip top condition and there are no hidden issues with your home. Not only can buyers read the inspection report, often the home inspector will take pictures which can show case the home in far more detail than any realtor. Home inspections can help bring your home to the top of a buyer list as there is so much more information provided about your home.

Make Your Old Home More Energy Efficient

Buyers like to invest in homes that will not drain the bank by its monthly utilities. You will want to make upgrades to your home’s utilities. First, look at how you can make your home heating and cooling system more efficient. You may want to replace super old air conditioners or heating systems and have the air ducts inspected and if needed, reworked. Windows and doors are responsible for much of the air leaks inside the home. To sell your home, make sure doors and windows are in the best condition. You may find you need to do some repairs. However, if you’re willing to invest in window replacement with higher rated windows, you can make the home more energy efficient and desirable. This is a major draw for buyers. You can also look to your plumbing and install flow water faucet, shower heads, and have water smart toilets. By making your home efficient, you can help make your home much more appealing than other homes on the market. Consider making these changes before having the home inspected as these features will be in the home inspection report, which can show case your home’s efficiency.

Make Necessary Home Repairs

Before putting your home on the market make sure to do all of the necessary repairs to ensure your home is in the best condition. You may have worked hard on the home already but may have missed something the home inspector found. This isn’t a bad thing. You can make the needed repairs or changes before you put it on the market. Often a home inspector can return and check the repairs and changes to add the improvements to their report.

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To help put your home on the top of every buyer list follow these few tips to help make your home more appealing. For quality home inspections, contact JMark Inspection today.

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