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Landscape Ground Grading Inspection of Negative Slope Towards House Drainage & More in Magnolia, TX

Bad grading can pose a major threat to a home. The grading around the home is of particular interest to home inspectors. When buying, selling or simply maintaining your home, and you have your home inspected, often the grading will be part of the home inspector’s report. When a report notes bad grading it can mean the home is compromised. JMark Inspections will share what bad grading means and how it can affect the home in question.

What Do Home Inspectors Look for in Terms of Grading?

Grading is a home inspector term that describes the quality of the soil and ground around the home. There are two major types of bad grading that can cause serious problem when it comes to the home’s longevity. When a home inspector comes to a home they will look at the ground the home sits on, as well as the ground on the rest of the property. What the home inspector is looking for is how water will naturally flow during times of rain. Ideally during times of rain or even when the sprinklers are running, the water should run away from the home and into a drainage system.

Negative Slope Towards House Drainage

If the ground around the home slopes towards the home this is a problem for the home. Water that stands or seeps along the home or underneath the home can compromise the foundation which the home stands on. To prevent water from eroding the ground the home sits on, trenches or swales are needed. They are made to redirect the water safely way from the home. Swales are like a trench that is made with soil and grass that forms a trench. In addition, a trench can be dug around the home and lead into the drain.

High Soil Line Around House Foundation

Another issue is when the grading or ground around the home is too high up along the foundation. When the ground is too high along the foundation of the home, it can allow water to enter through small gaps and cracks and allow water damage to occur within the inner walls of the home. For brick homes, this is a particular problem. Brick homes have weep holes which allows air flow. These weep holes range from 1 inch to half an inch in size which can allow a lot of water in if the ground is too high. Not only is water damage a problem, but termites are drawn to damp wood. When the grading around the home is too high, it puts the home at risk and is another aspect the home inspector looks for when determining the quality of the home.

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The quality of the property’s grading and the ground the home sits on is important. If water can erode or damage the ground it can become a major issue and concern for the home’s health. If the grading of the home is endangering the home it becomes a major problem and will be included in the home inspector’s report. To ensure the home grading is not compromising the home, a home inspector can help provide answers. When buying, selling or maintaining a home, contact a quality home inspector. JMark Inspections provides quality home inspection. To schedule our services contact JMark Inspections today.

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