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What to Expect from a Buyer or Seller Inspection in Houston, TX? What Do Home Inspectors Look for, Check & More

There are many steps that go into buying a home. One of them is a home inspection. This is a key element to your purchase that gives you an in depth look at the home you are about to buy. If there are any large issues, it can end up saving you from purchasing a home riddled with expensive problems that need fixing. JMark Inspections is here to give you a closer, more detailed description of exactly what a home inspector is looking for when they perform a home inspection.

Purpose of a Home Inspection

There are situations where a potential buyer may think there is no need for a home inspection. Someone that is buying a home in “as is” condition may not see the need for an inspection. Others that are handling all the finances themselves without the help of a lender may not see the need for one either. However, if there were a big problem with the home that you aren’t aware of, because you don’t know what to look for, it could end up costing you thousands in the end. Inspections save you from any unwanted surprises associated with your home purchase.

What is Covered in a Home Inspection?

There is a reason that a thorough home inspection often takes several hours to complete. Your home inspector is looking closely at every aspect of your home for any sign that there is trouble. Here are the main categories:
– Structural: Your home inspector will be looking for signs of any structural issues with the foundation including cracks around the ceiling, in the floor and walls. During this portion, he/she will also be looking for any signs of water damage or mold issues.
– Roofing/Exterior: The outside of the home is looked at closely as well, especially the roof. Any skylights and chimneys will be looked at an inspected to ensure they aren’t leaking anywhere, gutters are checked for problem areas and trees are closely looked at because when they are too close, rodents and pests can become a problem.
– Plumbing: All the piping that makes up the plumbing system is checked for any signs of problems. Drains and other aspects of the plumbing system are inspected as well for potential problems.
– Electrical: The electrical system isn’t left out in an inspection. It is checked thoroughly including conductors, grounding equipment and electric panels to ensure it is all working properly.
– HVAC: Both the heating and cooling systems will be checked, turned on and verified during an inspection. The supply pipes are check for signs of corrosion and filters are also looked at closely.

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The steps to an inspection listed above are the bare minimum you can expect when you call on JMark Inspections for your home inspection. We give you an extremely detailed report of our findings and encourage our clients to attend the inspection so that we can walk through the home with them. Call us today!

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