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Types of Building Inspections in League City, TX; Buyers, Sellers Pre-Listing, Builder Warranty & Home Maintenance

While the most popular inspection by far is a buyer’s inspection that takes place when someone is in the process of purchasing a home, there are other reasons that a homeowner would have their property inspected as well. Many people may not be familiar with any other reason to have your home inspected, and that’s why JMark Inspections is here to discuss each of these inspections and what the purpose for having them done would be.

Buyer’s Home Inspection

Like mentioned above, this is the most common form of home inspection done. It is extremely important that home buyers have an inspection done of the property before they purchase it. If the home is being financed, which it is in many cases, the lender will probably require it for the financing to be finalized. However, there are some cases that the buyer may be paying cash for the property and may think that they can afford to forgo the inspection. Even if you are purchasing a property “as is,” it is unwise to skip a home inspection, as the home inspection can uncover repairs that may be necessary and very costly.

Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection

Many sellers decide to have an inspection completed on their home before they put the home on the market. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons. For instance, when an inspection is completed before placing the home on the market, the sellers are aware of any issues that are present with the home long before the buyer’s inspection. This can take the anxiety and the guessing out of that inspection. It can also help the seller to price the home where it should be and put any negotiations for necessary repairs into the price upfront.

Builder Warranty Inspection

If you had your home built brand new, it likely came with a 12 month warranty that covers anything that could go wrong in the house for the first year. If there is an issue, the builder will be right out to repair the problem. This is why at 11 months, many homeowners will have an inspection performed in the home to ensure there isn’t anything that the builder missed and needs to repair before that warranty runs out.

Home Maintenance Inspection

For those that live in older homes and have lived there for many years, it may be time to have a home maintenance inspection completed so that all the systems in the house can be thoroughly checked. This way, if there are any dangers, they can get repaired and those living in the home can rest easy knowing there are no dangers in the home.

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No matter what the reason, if you are in need of a home inspection, you can rely on the experts at JMark Inspections to have you covered. Our team of inspectors have the experience and the training needed to give you a thorough and detailed home inspection. Call us today!

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